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The 2GIG-IMAGE2 is a passive infrared (PIR) wireless motion detector with a built-in camera. Similar to it's predecessor the IMAGE1 the I...

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The 2GIG-IMAGE2 is a passive infrared (PIR) wireless motion detector with a built-in camera. Similar to it's predecessor the IMAGE1 the IMAGE2 is designed to snapshot images when tripped and upload them to Alarm.com. The IMAGE2 requires the XCVR3-GC3 since it communicates via 900MHz and the GC3 alarm system is only equipped with 345MHz out of the box. The XCVR3 simply replaces the existing receiver inside the panel. It will only work with the GC3 if it has firmware revision 3.0.1 or higher. The GC3 panel was originally released with firmware 3.0.0 but it can be upgraded by using a USB cable and software provided by an Alarm.com dealer.

This image sensor offers traditional motion detection as well as detailed visual reporting of exactly what tripped the sensor. It is a color camera with 320x240 (QVGA) resolution with black and white night vision including IR illumination. The sensitivity can be adjusted to fit residential or commercial needs and there is configurable pet immunity for smaller pets. A customer can upload up to 140 images each month which can be downloaded on the Alarm.com app. There is also a "peek-in" feature that allows you to upload an image on demand or provide a snapshot upon the next time the image sensor is tripped locally. These images can be forwarded to local authorities and can be the difference in catching an intruder. The image sensor service requires specific features with your Alarm.com plan. Just remember to ask your dealer during the activation to enable the image sensor features for you.

Traditional PIR motion detectors are the most common cause of false alarms. For those struggling to find alternative solutions the image sensor is a great tool to take the mystery out of false alarms and lower the likelihood of repeat occurrences. Where false alarm fines are present this single device can save an alarm owner quite a bit of money.

Wall and corner brackets are included with this device for simple installation. Just like most PIR motions this device has a 90 degree field of view designed to landscape a square room by being positioned in a wall corner between 6 and 8 feet from the ground. After the image sensor is installed it must be configured as a zone on the GC3. We recommend assigning this device as "interior follower" unless it is facing directly at an entry/exit point. In that case it should be configured as "interior with delay."

Brand: 2GIG

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