2GIG SDS1-345

Smoke Detector sensor for 2GIG wireless systems

2gig sds1 345 smoke detector takeover ring for 2gig wireless sys

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The 2GIG SDS1-345 is a wired smoke detector takeover device designed to inform a 2GIG alarm system when your interconnected wired smoke d...
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The 2GIG SDS1-345 is a wired smoke detector takeover device designed to inform a 2GIG alarm system when your interconnected wired smoke detectors are triggered. This includes the GC2 and GC3 wireless alarm systems. Similar to the FF345, this device transmits a wireless signal to the alarm system after a local wired life safety device has gone into alarm. This includes high voltage 120VAC smoke and heat detectors. The benefit of the SDS1 over the FF345 is that it is hardwired to the smoke detector. Instead of "listening" for a smoke detector to trip like the FF345, the SDS1 bites into each of the 3 hardwired connections on your high voltage interconnected smoke detector using wiretaps. It is powered by the existing AC wiring and will operate with AC power for 7 years. There is an included CR2032 backup battery that allows the smoke ring to operate for up to 7 days without AC power.

The "smoke ring" sits under the base plate of your life safety smoke detector. Simply loosen the screws on the base plate and mount the ring in its place. Then sit the smoke detector on the ring and screw the smoke back into the ceiling. The ring has three wires with connectors designed to bite into the jacket of your high voltage electrical wire with out needing to fully sever the wire. We recommend pushing this connection point into the junction box that should be installed above the smoke already according to local electrical code. The black wiretap connects to the "hot" wire which should be black by industry standards. Then the white is your neutral and the yellow is your "interconnect" wire which is normally either yellow, orange or red depending on the existing electrical wire. The wiretaps can connect to the existing pigtail that normally plugs into the regular life safety smoke detector.

When the smoke trips these wires sense the voltage change and trigger the fire zone that the SDS1 is programmed to on your 2GIG alarm system. The fire zone can be configured as a normal "fire" response type or "fire with verification." The latter of which will require two signal transmissions before triggering the fire alarm reporting to your central station. This can help to reduce false alarms in residential environments that may experience false alarms triggered by smoke detection from burning food in the kitchen. The SDS1 should enrolled with loop 1 and the 7 digit serial number labeled as the TXID on the backside of the ring.

The SDS1 operates in temperatures ranging from 32F to 122F degrees. It has been tested and confirmed to support the following wired smoke detectors: BRK Brands Model 7010B, Firex Kidde Model i4618, First Alert BRK Model 9120B, Kidde Model i12040, and USI Electric Model 5304. It may work with other models since the design of the device is to simply monitor the interconnect line for a smoke alarm. However these are the models specifically tested and mentioned in the installation guide.


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