Arlo VMA4500

Quadpod Mount for Arlo, Pro & Pro 2


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The Arlo Quadpod Mount serves as a versatile installation accessory for the Arlo HD, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Cameras. The four placement legs are flexible, which gives the user several options in choosing how their Arlo Camera will be positioned. Purchase the Arlo Quadpod Mount here.
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A very versatile and unique mounting option for the Arlo HD, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Cameras is the Arlo Quadpod Mount. This accessory consists of four attached legs and a middle portion where an Arlo Camera can be secured. The legs are flexible to provide several positioning options.

There are many possibilities with the Arlo Quadpod Mount and its flexible legs. The camera can be positioned horizontally or vertically upward on the center portion, and the Quadpod will serve as a stand. This setup allows the camera to look ahead or directly upward depending on the user's needs.

It is also possible to secure the camera to one of the legs and leave the other three legs on the ground. The leg with the camera can then be positioned as needed to give the camera a different view. Another option is to wrap the flexible legs to a pole or even a sturdy tree branch with the camera secured in the center. Since these cameras can operate wirelessly with no power cords, total installation freedom can be achieved.

Regardless of how the Arlo Quadpod Mount is used, the camera itself should always be within 300 feet of the Arlo Base Station. Obstacles like walls, ceilings and large metal objects may reduce this maximum distance. Arlo also offers other mounting options for their cameras, including Wall Mounts, Knob Mounts, Outdoor Mounts and Table and Ceiling Mounts.

Brand: Arlo

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