DSC PG9916

PowerG 915MHz Wireless Smoke And Heat Detector

Dsc pg9916 powerg 915mhz wireless smoke and heat detector
  • Dsc pg9916 powerg 915mhz wireless smoke and heat detector
  • Dsc pg9916 internal powerg 915mhz wireless smoke and heat detect

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The DSC PG9916 is a combination smoke and heat detector that is designed for use with PowerG-compatible alarm systems. It will alert an alarm system to the presence of a fire, and it will produce its own 85 dB siren to alert on-site building occupants. Buy the PG9916 for your system here.
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The DSC PG9916 Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector is great for monitoring any home or business for the presence of a fire. The device features a photoelectric smoke detector and a fixed temperature heat sensor. Once activated, it will send an alert to the system to inform it of the fire.

By utilizing both smoke and heat detection, the PG9916 is more likely to respond to a fire than a stand-alone smoke or heat sensor. The smoke detector uses photoelectric technology in its operation. This allows the device to sense smoke very accurately and effectively. The heat sensor is a fixed sensor that will activate upon sensing a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

The PG9916 is a PowerG Sensor, and it works with PowerG-compatible systems. This includes the DSC PowerSeries Neo Panels and a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 with an installed PowerG daughtercard. The sensor has a signal range of 2 km if a clear line of sight is obtained. It also features 128-bit AES encryption to protect it against any hacking or takeover attempts.

Programming the PG9916 with an alarm system is very important. While the device can theoretically be used as a conventional, unmonitored smoke with its 85 dB sounder, we recommend programming it. This way, a user can receive automatic fire dispatch from a central monitoring station. They can also receive text and email alerts from Alarm.com any time the smoke detector is activated.


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