How Do I Enroll the PowerG Smoke Detectors?

You can enroll the PowerG Smoke Detectors by first putting a PowerG-compatible Panel into its auto-enrollment mode. Then pressing and holding the enrollment button on the PowerG Smoke Detector until the LED light is steady. This applies to the DSC PG9916 and the DSC PG9926 Smoke Detectors.

Dsc pg9926 powerg 915mhz wireless smoke detector

The PowerG Smoke Detectors can be auto-enrolled with any Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus or any DSC PowerSeries NEO with added wireless receiver. You can also use these sensors with the DSC Iotega, but remember that this system does not offer local panel programming. You will need to ask your alarm monitoring company to help you enroll the sensor remotely. The process below only applies to an IQ Panel 2 Plus or a PowerSeries NEO System.

Complete the following steps to enroll a PowerG Smoke Detector:

1. Access wireless enrollment mode. You must put your panel into wireless enrollment mode. If you have a DSC PowerSeries NEO, you can enter the command [*] + [8] + [Installer Code] + [804] + [000] into the keypad. Remember that the default Installer Code for a PowerSeries NEO is 5555.

If you have an IQ Panel 2 Plus, you can start by pressing the small grey bar at the top of the home screen. Then choose Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code (default 1111) > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Auto-Learn Sensor. The IQ Panel 2 Plus will now be in its auto-enrollment mode.

2. Transmit an enrollment signal. Open up your PowerG Smoke Detector. Make sure it has a good CR123A battery installed. Press and hold the device enrollment button. Keep the button held down until the LED light remains steady. Then release the button. The device will transmit a signal to the system to let it know that it wants to be enrolled. You can see the enrollment button in the diagram below:

3. Configure the settings. You should receive confirmation on the system that the device is wanting to be enrolled. Continue the enrollment process based on the system you have. You will program the sensor to operate as a 24-Hour Fire Zone. This process will vary depending upon the system you are using.

Note: The DSC PG9936 PowerG Smoke and Heat Detector auto-enrolls by putting the panel into its enrollment mode and then powering on the device by removing its battery tab or inserting batteries.

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