How Do I Change the Installer Code On a DSC Impassa?

You can change the Installer Code on a DSC Impassa by accessing the Installer Code setting in Installer Programming. The Installer Code setting is adjusted in programming location [006]. You will need the Impassa System's existing Installer Code in order to change its Installer Code.

The Installer Code on a DSC Impassa is used for getting into system programming. This is the 4-digit code you will use to add, edit, and change system zones, and for adjusting other system settings. You cannot use the Installer Code for arming and disarming. Do not confuse the Impassa Installer Code with the Impassa Master Code, which is the system's main arming and disarming code. For reference, the default Installer Code for the DSC Impassa is 5555, while the default Master Code is 1234.

Alarm Grid does not recommend changing your Impassa System's Installer Code from its default of 5555. This is so that you do not become locked out of programming. Even if you forget the 5555 code, you can always look it up again later. And since you cannot use the code for arming and disarming, keeping the Installer Code at its default does not present a security risk. This is because the code cannot successfully disarm the system. However, if you do decide that you want to change the code, or if you would like to set the code back to its default value, then the option is available.

Conversely, you should change your Impassa System's Master Code away from its default of 1234. Unlike the Installer Code, the Master Code can disarm the system at any time, even if it wasn't used to arm the system. Keeping the Master Code at its 1234 default presents a security risk because an intruder may be able to easily guess this code. For reference, the Impassa Master Code setting is in section [007] of programming, which should not be confused with the Installer Code section of [006].

You might also need to access programming and change the Installer Code back to its default setting of 5555 if you previously changed the code and you are now moving and leaving the system behind. Whenever you are leaving a security system behind during a move, it is a common courtesy to change both the Master Code and the Installer Code for that system back to their original default settings. More information on this subject is available in this blog post.

Complete the following steps to change the Installer Code on a DSC Impassa Alarm System:

1. Enter programming. Start by entering into programming on the DSC Impassa System. You must have the system's existing Installer Code to do this. The command to enter is [*] + [8] + [Installer Code]. If you do not know the Installer Code, try 5555, which is the default Installer Code. If that code works, then you should strongly consider just keeping it at that default setting. Remember, keeping the Installer Code at its default of 5555 does not present a security risk, because you cannot use that code for arming and disarming your system. If you find that 5555 gets you into programming, and you want to just keep that code, then just press the [#] key repeatedly to exit programming. Otherwise, proceed to the next step if you want to continue adjusting the Installer Code.

2. Access Install Code section. Once you are in system programming, enter the command [006]. That is the command to access the Installer Code setting. Do not confuse it with programming section [007], which is the section for changing the Master Code. Continue to the next step after entering [006].

3. Enter new Installer Code. Upon entering the Installer Code section of programming, very carefully enter the new 4-digit Installer Code you want to use. We strongly recommend choosing [5555] so that you do not become locked out of programming later on due to a forgotten code. But if you want to set a different code on an Impassa System that you own, then you are free to do so. Just please do not lose the code, as you will have no other way to easily enter programming. Make sure the 4-digit code you want to use is displayed for the Installer Code setting before continuing to the next step.

4. Exit programming. With the 4-digit Installer Code you want to use displayed on the Impassa LCD screen, hopefully, code [5555], you can then repeatedly press the [#] key to exit programming. The code setting will automatically be saved. If you want to test the code, enter [*] + [8] + [New Installer Code] and make sure you can get into system programming. Then repeatedly press [#] until you are back at the main menu.

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