FortrezZ MIMOlite

Relay Interface Module with Z-Wave


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The FortrezZ MIMOlite is a Form-C Relay that can be activated upon receiving a Z-Wave signal. Once the relay is activated, it can transfer power to an external device for activation. This is useful for powering sirens or other electrical devices with system events. Buy the MIMOlite here.
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The FortrezZ MIMOlite is a Dry Form-C Relay that is designed to activate upon receiving a Z-Wave signal. The relay can then divert power to a separate electrical device. This can be useful for setting up wired sirens with a system or triggering things like lights or irrigation systems.

When the MIMOlite is "Off", it has continuity between the Common and Normally Closed relay terminals. When it is "On", it has continuity between the Common and Normally Open relay terminals. When the relay is activated, the device draws 60 mA of current. When it is off, it draws 31 mA of current. The MIMOlite comes with its own 13.5 Volt DC 400 mA plug in power supply. In order to provide it with a battery backup, it can instead be powered by any 12 Volt DC power supply with a backup battery.

The advantage to the FortrezZ MIMOlite is that it allows relay activation to occur with Z-Wave smart scenes. This way, a user can have a non-Z-Wave device activate with a Z-Wave scene. It will just need to be wired-in with the MIMOlite. One example of a scene involving the MIMOlite could be for it to relay power to a hardwired siren when an alarm occurs on the system. This type of scene can be created through an interactive service platform, like or Total Connect 2.0.

The MIMOlite has a Dry From-C (Single Pole, Double Throw) output for supporting normally open or normally closed wiring. An LED light provides various status notifications. The device will support up to 16V of digital or analog signals. A second Z-Wave scene can be set up to stop sending power to the external device when needed. For instance, this can be important for stopping a siren after an alarm has been cleared and the system disarmed.


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