FortrezZ MIMOlite Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fortrezz Products Work w/ Honeywell Security Systems?
Some Fortrezz products will work with Honeywell Panels. These include the Z-Wave sirens, water valves, and relay modules. Learn which Fortrezz products work with Honeywell Panels.

How Do I Add a Wired Siren to a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System?
For users who need a louder siren for a Lyric Panel, a wired siren is a possible option. But you will need several components! Find out how to add a wired siren to a Lyric System.

How Do I Add a Siren to the Lyric Controller Using a MIMOlite?
A high current siren can be added to the Lyric System by using a power supply, a programmable output and a siren. Learn to attach a high current siren to a Lyric Alarm Panel.