GoControl WT00Z5-1

Z-Wave Smart 3-Way Switch


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The GoControl WT00Z5-1 Z-Wave Smart 3-Way Switch and Dimmer is used to control hardwired lights that are connected with an associated Z-Wave module. It can be paired with up to five (5) devices for virtual 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, 6-way, or even 7-way operation. Buy the GoControl WT00Z5-1 here.
  • Z-Wave Plus
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The GoControl WT00Z5-1 is a Smart 3-Way Switch that controls lighting loads already connected with a load-bearing switch or dimmer. Since the WT00Z5-1 does not directly control a load, it can technically be wired anywhere with power. No traveler wire is needed.This makes setup much easier.

In a regular hardwired lighting setup, a master switch is connected with a lighting load. You must then connect a traveler wire between the master switch and the 3-way switch. The WT00Z5-1 eliminates the need for this traveler wire. Instead, it uses wireless Z-Wave technology to send signals. All you need to do is connect a 120VAC line and a Neutral wire. The WT00Z5-1 can connect with up to five (5) load-bearing devices for 7-way operation. You can use fewer devices if desired.

When creating associations with load-bearing devices, you should first make sure the every device is enrolled with the Z-Wave network. Tapping the paddle four (4) times on the WT00Z5-1 will put into association mode. The LED light will begin blinking rapidly. Complete the inclusion/exclusion process for the device you want to associate. Up to five (5) dimmers and/or switches can be added. The WT00Z5-1 will automatically exit association mode after one (1) minute.

As a Z-Wave Plus device, the GoControl WT00Z5-1 offers a range of 100 feet with direct line of sight. You can also use it with standard Z-Wave controllers, but the range will be significantly reduced. The device will operate as a Z-Wave Plus repeater to improve the strength of your mesh network. It is recommended for use with GoControl Z-Wave Light Switches like the GoControl WS15Z5-1 and the GoControl WD500Z5-1. An included trim ring ensures a neat installation.

By using a Z-Wave smart lighting network, you will be able to control your lights remotely through an interactive service platform. This includes great services like Total Connect 2.0 and Alarm.com. Many of our customers use these services with their security systems every day. You will need an alarm monitoring plan to access one of these services.

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