GoControl WS15Z5-1

Z-Wave Smart Light Switch


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The GoControl WS15Z5-1 Z-Wave Smart Light Switch controls your in-room lights with the press of a button. You can pair it with your Z-Wave network for remote operation from nearly anywhere. It easily replaces a standard in-wall light switch. Purchase the GoControl WS15Z5-1 from Alarm Grid.
  • Z-Wave Plus
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The GoControl WS15Z5-1 from Nortek is a Z-Wave Plus light switch that easily replaces a regular in-wall switch. The versatile device integrates with your Z-Wave Plus network. It serves as a repeater for other Z-Wave devices to hop through. This strengthens your Z-Wave mesh network.

A great aspect of the GoControl WS15Z5-1 is that it is simple for end users to install. It will require a Neutral connection to complete the wiring process. A replaceable trim ring comes included to ensure a neat and tidy installation. Its size lets it fit nicely into a single-gang socket. Remember to cut breaker power before wiring the WS15Z5-1. Power on the breaker once you are sure that the wiring is correct.

End users will appreciate the Z-Wave Plus functionality of the GoControl WS15Z5-1. It provides an increased range when paired with a Z-Wave Plus controller. You can also use it with a standard Z-Wave controller, but doing this will provide the shorter range of a classic Z-Wave device. A proper Z-Wave Plus network will offer 100 feet direct line of sight range for the WS15Z5-1. Remember, a Z-Wave Plus signal can hop through up to four (4) devices before reaching its destination.

There is something to keep in mind if you intend on using the WS15Z5-1 are part of a 3-way Z-Wave lighting setup. You will also need a non-load bearing GoControl WT00Z5-1 3-Way Switch. It is possible to use multiple WT00Z5-1 devices to control multiple load bearing devices like the WS15Z5-1 and the WD500Z-1.

The WS15Z5-1 will support up to 15A 1800W at 120VAC. For incandescent lights, the max limit is 600W at 120VAC. Its input rating is 120V 15A 60Hz. The device provides security beaming. It offers ON/OFF functionality for permanently installed hardwired lights. Using this device with your Z-Wave network will allow it to be controlled through an interactive platform. This includes services like Total Connect 2.0 and Alarm.com. You will need an alarm monitoring plan to do this.

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