Honeywell 3GL

AT&T Cellular Communicator for the L5200, L5210 & L7000

Honeywell 3gl alarmnet cellular communicator for the l5200 and l

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The Honeywell 3GL is an Alarmnet cellular communication module that is directly inserted into the L5200, L5210 or L7000 LYNX Touch. Alarm...

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The Honeywell 3GL is an Alarmnet cellular communication module that is directly inserted into the L5200, L5210 or L7000 LYNX Touch. Alarmnet was established in 1986 as a way for Honeywell to oversee and secure any alarm signals from the security system to the monitoring provider. Essentially, Alarmnet is a server where all communications are received and decrypted then sent along to Total Connect and/or a central station service. This offers oversight in the form of signal history logs which can be used when troubleshooting communication issues.

The 3GL allows LYNX Touch owners to setup Total Connect and Central Station monitoring. Originally, Honeywell released the 4GL along with the L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch panels. After some time, Honeywell rebranded the 4GL to the 3GL since the cellular communicators are limited to the AT&T 3G HSPA cellular network and the 4GL name was misleading. The 3GL's predecessor the GSMVLP5-4G does support 4G communications. However unlike your smartphone, the data transferred from the panel does not require the bandwidth of the 4G network. In fact, the 3G network speeds and bandwidth are more than ample.

The most popular use of the 3GL is in the application of dual path monitoring. The L5100-WIFI is an internet communicator that is often setup as a primary path on the LYNX Touch panels. Although the WIFI unit offers faster speeds than the 3GL, it is vulnerable to a myriad of situations (i.e. power loss to the router, cable cuts, IP conflicts) that will compromise the signals from being sent out to Alarmnet. Adding the 3GL grants alarm owners the ability to use the speed of the internet when it is available and the reliability of the cellular path in the event of an internet failure.

Cellular communications are the only alternative for those without an internet connection and looking to setup Total Connect. Unfortunately, Honeywell does not have a Verizon (CDMA) option as of right now. Analog phone lines (POTS) will support central station monitoring (not Total Connect) for the L5200 and L5210. On the other hand, the L7000 is the first of Honeywell's panels to be stripped of a phone dialer.

If you are concerned about poor or mediocre AT&T cellular service you can install a cellular amplifier. We recommend the WeBoost or ZBoost brands. This option requires some signal in order to be amplified and directed at the panel.

Brand: Honeywell

Unfortunately we do not, we only have the full modules themselves.
I have a 3gl module that's missing the connection board that's connects the module to my L7000 panel. Do you have a replacement part?
Would you be able to include a picture of the tag?
Hello, I purchased a Honeywell 3GL and it states on the tag International Version. Will this unit work here in the U.S.? Not sure if there is a difference. Any info would be appreciated.
Yes, to have access to Total Connect 2.0, you'll need one of our self monitoring plans available at the bottom of the sign up page - If the GSM doesn't work, you'll need to physically remove the device from the panel and just use the WIFI module with the Self Bronze or Self Silver plan. If you are able to get a GSM signal, you'd have to choose the Self Gold option. If a local SIM is required to get a signal to your system, you'd have to pay our Self Gold rate plus whatever the local SIM card charges are in your area.
If I could utilize 3GL in my country, Do I have to pay for no contract alarm monitoring montly.
The unit will ship with a SIM. If you don't get any coverage from the GSM Information page, trying a local SIM would be the next thing to try and make it work.
Hi Sterling, Sim card will be shipped as one or I have to get it in my country.
OK, I got it. Thank you Sterling.
With the 3GL installed, you'll have to check the GSM Information page from the Comm. Diagnostics section of programming to see if it's picked up a network or not.
Anyway, I will try. Do you have any procedure or intruction document to set up 3GL ? Your suggestion would be appreciated.
It doesn't look like we've had anyone test the 3GL in Thailand yet.
Is there any Thai customer ordered 3GL from Alarmgrid ?
Honeywell will tell you it's not compatible there but we have found the device works in areas we wouldn't have expected. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to try it and check the GSM Information page int he Comm. Diagnostics section of programming.
Hi Sterling, Could you check with Honeywell or monitoring service who take care my region, Is 3GL compatible here ?
If you pick up a network from the GSM Information page, it MAY work.
Hi Mick, Have you successed using 3GL in Thailand ? I'm Nake, I gonna use this module for my L5200. But I not sure if it available in our country.
Yes, it may not work there if there's no cellular coverage for the SIM card. What does it say on the GSM Information page in Comm. Diagnostics?
hi i cant setup the Honeywell 3GL is it maybe cause its not working in THAILAND ? regards
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