Honeywell LTE-L57A

AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for L5200, L5210 & L7000

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The Honeywell LTE-L57A allows a Honeywell L5200, L5210, or L7000 to connect with the AT&T LTE Network. Accessing this network will provide the panel with cellular monitoring service so that it can be used with the Total Connect 2.0 service. Get your system connected with the LTE-L57A.
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Important Note: This module is only compatible with the L5200, L5210, and the L7000 Panels running Firmware Version 9.00.209 or higher. This module will not work with the older L5000 and L5100 Alarm Panels. There is currently no LTE module that is compatible with the older LYNX Touch Systems.

The Honeywell LTE-L57A is the AT&T version of the LTE cellular communicator for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. The module will allow a Honeywell L5200, L5210, or L7000 to connect with the fast and reliable AT&T LTE Network. This is crucial for ensuring the long-term function of the system.

Connecting with the AT&T LTE Network provides superb performance for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems when communicating with the Honeywell AlarmNet servers. LTE refers to "Long-Term Evolution", and these networks are known for their ultra-fast speeds and overall reliability. This is very important for anyone who wants consistent and dependable communication with AlarmNet and a central monitoring station.

Although older cellular networks (2G, 3G, etc.) are in the process of being discontinued, AT&T has repeatedly stated that they plan on supporting their 4G LTE network well into the distant future. The LTE network will continue to remain active even as 5G networks are introduced in the coming years. By obtaining this communicator, a user is future-proofing their LYNX Touch System so that it can continue to protect their home or business for many years. This communicator is an excellent long-term investment for keeping these versatile and capable LYNX Touch Panels running and communicating reliably.

Cellular networks provide tremendous performance and dependability for alarm systems overall. Unlike WIFI, a cellular communication path almost never goes down. Another benefit is that cellular networks are not affected by common power outages, and a system will remain monitored even when the electricity is out. With LTE speeds, the panel will enjoy fast communication with AlarmNet. Not only will this allow for a quicker response from a central monitoring station during an alarm, it will also help any smart home automation commands to go through more efficiently. Plus, the user will receive personal notifications via text and/or email more quickly as well. This makes upgrading to LTE essential for getting the most out of the system.

Please Note: Requires Firmware Version 9.00.209 or higher on LYNX Touch L5200, L5210 and L7000. Newly purchased systems should already be running this firmware version. Older models will require a firmware update using the firmware updater tool, which can be purchased separately.

Note: AlarmNet360 considers an L5200 System to be an L5210 System once it has been upgraded to Firmware Revision 9 or higher.

Note: A Verizon LTE version of this same communicator called the Honeywell LTE-L57V is also available.

Note: We also have a bundled kit called the Honeywell LTEUPGKT-L57V which includes both the LTE-L57V and the LYNX Touch Updater Tool.

Brand: Honeywell

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Great LTE Communicator!
Submitted on 11/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell LTE-L57A is an AT&T LTE Communicator designed for use with Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. It is compatible with any Honeywell L5200, L5210, and L7000 that is running Firmware Revision 9 or higher. If the panel is running a lower firmware, then it must be upgraded using the upgrader tool. By using this communicator, the LYNX Touch System can connect with AlarmNet360 for monitoring service. The communicator is easy to use, and it will allow you to keep your panel monitored well into the very distant future. And once activated it will allow you to use your system with Total Connect 2.0. This is an excellent communicator, and we give it 5 Stars.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell LTE-L57A. For one, it will provide reliable cellular monitoring for a compatible system. Cellular monitoring is perfect for security systems, as it is much more reliable than IP only monitoring. Once you install and activate the LTE-L57A, you will be able to use the system with AlarmNet360 and Total Connect 2.0. This is an interactive monitoring and automation platform that you can access from anywhere using a web browser or a mobile app on your phone. This service allows you to arm and disarm, check current system status, control Z-Wave devices, and more.

The biggest downside to the LTE-L57A is that it needs to be physically installed inside a panel. This isn't difficult, but it will require you to power down the panel and open it up. Also note that the LTE-L57A can only be used with a LYNX Touch System running Firmware Version 9.00.209 or higher. This is only possible on an L5200, L5210, and L7000. Older LYNX Touch Panels cannot receive the upgrade. Additionally, the module requires a monitoring plan that supports cellular communication. This could lead to higher monitoring costs if you are currently on an IP-only plan.

Overall, we really like the Honeywell LTE-L57A. It is a great module if you have a LYNX Touch System and strong service from the AT&T LTE Network. It gets a 5 Star Rating.

Good: Reliable Cellular Communication, Access to ANet and TC2

Bad: Must be Installed, Select Panel Compatibility, Requires Cellular Plan

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

As the cameras and the panel all have unique IP connections to your router, it's impossible to say from what you've written so far that the IPCAMs were to blame for the resetting panel. It could have just been that you were having IP conflicts/collisions because your router wasn't handling the various DHCP devices properly. Had you setup MAC Filtering or used reserved DHCP addressing that may have helped your panel resets. With all that said, we've heard good things about the Wyze cameras and it sounds like you have a nice working solution now. Have you considered switching to us for the monitoring of your alarm system? We're experts and have low-cost, no-contract plans available at and could easily takeover your system if you were interested.
I cancelled the TC2 video service and removed the cameras from my system, Now I see why Honeywell discontinued support in the panels for the Lynx App. The panel used to randomly reset when those cameras were on the system but now since removing them the panel has not crashed and reset since. The IP-Cams were poorly implemented to begin with obviously and the fact that honeywell dropped support for them in the panel interface proved it. Installed Wyze cams and they work great compared to the Honeywell IP-Cams...
It should never take several minutes to pull up a live feed on TC2. If should either take a few seconds or it will time out and not load at all. What model number cameras are you using and are you an Alarm Grid subscriber? If so, please email referencing this discussion so I could check your account in more detail.
Live viewing is good on the Lynx App, whereas viewing over TC2 takes several minutes to connect to camera and then you only get stuttering video with missed frames. If I stand in front of camera and wave my hands at it you don't see the video in a fluid motion, rather you get bits and pieces. Also the Lynx App can have 4 feeds showing at the same time. I will miss the Lynx App for this use.
Okay, yes I do understand how their dropping support of LYNX Connect on rev 9 leaves someone in your situation out of options for that particular feature - viewing the cameras live from a mobile device on the LYNX Connect app. We'll be sure to pass along your feedback to them and we have already provided them with similar feedback. I just wanted to clarify as your initial post read that the issue was more than just that one aspect. Depending on someone's situation and use of the system and cameras, updating to rev 9 should not be an issue. I'd be curious to hear more about your comment that the live viewing from TC2 didn't work as well as from LYNX Connect.
I had several tablets used as remote keypads and video monitors, these all were local on my network and using "Lynx Connect" app. The Lynx connect gave live video feeds, the total connect never did work as well as the Lynx connect for this purpose. So since I was never really happy with the quality of Total connect when it came to video, I did like the video over the Lynx connect. Since the lynx connect won't work after update I am dropping the Total Connect video services and replacing the cameras with another product (Not Honeywell). I will just keep the monitoring service only. It was nice having android based tablet remote keypads with video but the update kills that. So much for my purchase of IP-Cams and tablets for that use, yes Honeywell screwed this customer.
I think you're mis-understanding the information a bit. While you do need version 9.00.209 for an L5200, L5210 or L7000 to be able to use an LTE module, and you will lose the ability to use the LYNX Connect app once you update, that app is not the same as Total Connect 2.0. With Total Connect 2.0, you pay a monthly rate to an AlarmNet dealer (we are one and would love to have you if you aren't already our customer - ) and you have the ability to remotely view your Honeywell IP cameras from a web browser or mobile device and set them up for automated recordings when they detect movement in their field of view. Updating to rev 9 will not cause you to lose that functionality. The LYNX Connect app is a separate app you can use from any mobile device as long as it's connected to the same IP network that the local alarm system is using. There is no monthly fee involved and you have no ability to control the system from that app if you aren't home and you won't receive any alerts from the system on that app. The only thing you'd lose by upgrading to rev 9 would be controlling your system while in your home from the LYNX Connect app but you could still do that from the panel or the Total Connect 2.0 app.
Well I'm starting to think Honeywell sucks! So I have to update to version 9 firmware to use new LTE module... But in doing so I will lose the ability to use the Lynx Connect App, which I use to monitor cameras on... Since the older communicators will no longer work once AT&T drops 3G (3.5G) I will need to update to new firmware. Guess I might as well drop the video services from Total Connect as I will be getting rid of the IP-Cams since the App will no longer work. Way to go Honeywell, screw your customers...
* Based on a 10% APR with 12 months financing. APR's will vary between 10% - 30% based on credit score and various factors.