What Does a 4GL Communicator Do in a Honeywell L7000?

The 4GL Communicator in a Honeywell L7000 allows the panel to communicate through the AT&T 3G Network. This will give the system a reliable method of alerting the Honeywell AlarmNet Servers whenever an alarm event occurs. However, there are newer LTE communicators available for the system.

Honeywell 4gl 4g gsm communicator for the lynx touch wireless seDespite it's name, the Honeywell 4GL Communicator actually connects with the AT&T 3G Cellular Network. Many users falsely believe that it connects with the AT&T 4G Network, but this is not the case. In fact, Honeywell later changed the name of the module to the Honeywell 3GL to avoid this type of confusion. Today, the proper name for the communicator is the Honeywell 3GL.

By installing and activating a cellular communicator like the 3GL inside the Honeywell L7000, the system will be able to communicate with the Honeywell AlarmNet Servers that host the Total Connect 2.0 Service. The only other way to do this is through an IP connection. This requires installing either a Honeywell L5100-WIFI Card or a Honeywell ILP5 in the system. The L5100-WIFI will allow for local WIFI connectivity, while the ILP5 will allow for a hardwired ethernet connection. Please note that either IP option is not as reliable as cellular connectivity. There's always the possibility that the internet could go down or that a power outage could disrupt the internet. On the other hand, cellular service rarely goes down.

The Honeywell 3GL has since been discontinued, as newer and faster cellular communicators for the LYNX Touch Systems are now available. These modules include the Honeywell LTE-L57A and the LTE-57V. These modules connect with the AT&T LTE Network and the Verizon LTE Network respectively. Both of these LTE networks are considerably faster than the AT&T 3G Network. It is recommended that a user obtains one of these modules if they are looking for cellular connectivity for their L7000. However, if the L7000 already has a Honeywell 3GL that is set up for alarm monitoring services, then it will continue to work just fine until the associated cellular network is shut down. However, a 3GL module can no longer be activated for alarm monitoring service. Please note that Firmware Revision 9.00.209 or higher is required to use the LTE-L57A, while Firmware Revision 9.00.201 or higher is required to use the LTE-L57V.

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