Can I use a Honeywell L7000 system without monitoring?

Can I use a Honeywell L7000 system without monitoring?

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hadia wires I'm George with alarmgrid today we're gonna be going over if we can use the l7000 without monitoring simple answers that is gonna be yes this system the l7000 you can use without monitoring is just like any other video we've made on any system that says can we use without monitoring the l7000 as well can be used without monitoring as a standalone noise maker basically meaning that if you don't have the system monitored whether it's through Central Station Total Connect or Central Station and Total Connect that means that the system is a local noise maker only meaning when you armed the system somebody sets it off only the people that are by the actual system will be able to hear the alarm going off nobody gets notified remotely nobody is told about the alarm unless you are on site and can actually hear the alarm going off now if you get a system that's not monitored and you compare it to a system that is monitored the systems that are monitored if you have Total Connect or whether it's Central Station those systems are sending the alarm signals out to AlarmNet which is Honeywell servers and then they go ahead and transmit that over to the Central Station which they'll start you know going through the call list they'll dispatch the authorities it all depends how you have it set up with your monitoring company right now we have different monitoring plans for the system we have plans where you can do Central Station only so if you're only interested in Central Station we have plans that will accommodate to that we have Central Station and total connects now Total Connect for those you don't know is honeywell's app you can download it or download it on any iOS and Android device and it's also website so you can actually log into your account you can arm and disarm the actual system you can set up email and text alerts you can do a whole bunch of different things control ziwei devices view videos create users delete users a lot of different things you can do on Total Connect so we have Central Station Central Station and Total Connect and then for those of you who don't want Central Station meaning you don't want us to dispatch the authorities for you you can always do the self monitored plans which are Total Connect only that means you are in control of your system it's up to you to dispatch the authorities we don't dispatch them for you you get email and text alerts through the app and then you decide whether or not you're gonna call the police you're gonna go check on it we always recommend getting Central Station anyways we like to leave you know any burglar stuff in professionals hands so whether that's the police medical fire department weather whatever it is we always like to leave those in the hands of professionals right so for the system if you also just plan on using it as a local sound maker meaning no monitoring no Total Connect none of that there is an app you can download in your App Store again this is on iOS and Android this one actually does cost a dollar it's one of Honeywell's older apps it's called I think links connect or links connect I think it's something like that but it's a dollar or a dollar ninety-nine on the App Store what it does it allows you to control the l7000 locally only so basically it emulates the l7000 screen so when you have your tablet set up at your iPhone and you have paid for the app you're gonna pair it using the local Wi-Fi network yeah so you have to be on the same network as a panel which means you have to be on site to be able to use that app and it's just gonna emulate this screen so on your phone or tablet you'll see the exact screen the security the arm way arm stay so it only allows you to arm way arm stay and I think it allows you to control z-wave devices but you cannot do any programming on that app whatsoever it just acts as a keypad to control the system arming and disarming controlling z-wave devices and viewing IP cameras as well if you have the old generation ones you can actually stream them to the panel as long as they're connected to the same Wi-Fi network so again remember you can use the old 7000 without monitoring but the only people that get notified are the people that are actually on site to hear the alarm if you do get it monitored whether it's Central Station or Total Connect only you can actually get those alarm signals to get sent out you can have us dispatch authorities for you you can use Total Connect as well to get remote notifications if you want to do Total Connect only you can do a self monitored and then it's up to you to contact the authorities so there's different options you can do with the l7000 and if you guys ever want to find out more by all means just email us at support at alarm grid comm again that's support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified again guys I'm George I'm here with alarmgrid and I'll see you guys next time bye