Honeywell 5800TM

Wireless Transmitter Module

Honeywell 5800tm wireless transmitter module

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The Honeywell 5800TM is a wireless transmitter module that provides system status to bi-directional wireless devices. The 5800TM is compa...

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Honeywell 5800TM is a wireless transmitter module that provides system status to bi-directional wireless devices. The 5800TM is compatible with any Honeywell security system that has an installed 5800 series radio frequency (RF) receiver. While the wireless receiver will receive alarm and trouble signals from a wireless device it cannot send system status back out to a bi-directional sensor. The 5800TM is unique in that it can transmit the system status to a bi-directional device such as the Honeywell 580BDV Honeywell 5804BDV bi-direction key fob. The transmitter module should always be used in conjunction with a wireless receiver. The 5800TM and the RF receiver should also be installed in the same location to ensure all wireless transmissions (to and from the device) have balance and equal range. Per FCC requirements for transmitting wireless signals at a low power level, the 5800TM’s wireless range is only 50’ nominal to the bi-directional wireless device. A Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater can extend that range to a total of 100’.

The Honeywell 5800TM needs to be addressed with most Honeywell security systems. You will need to set the device address for the wireless transmitter module by cutting the appropriate jumper on its circuit board. Cutting the red jumper will set it with device address 28. Cutting the white jumper will set it to device address 29 and cutting both wires will set it to address 30. Whichever device address you choose must then be programmed for alpha console functionality within the security system’s device programming menu.

If you have already have a Honeywell 6150RF, Honeywell 6160RF or Honeywell 5883H installed on your security system, you do not need the Honeywell 5800TM as it would be redundant. You only need a wireless transmitter module if your security system has a Honeywell 5881ENL, Honeywell 5881ENM, Honeywell 5881ENH, or Honeywell 5881ENHC wireless receiver and you also have bi-directional wireless devices.


Yes, figured from Julia's answer that you didn't have.
Thanks, I'll try that. I must have tossed the unused ones back in 2002. But now wish to change my "TIME' button to 'FIRE'. Well, my shopping cart is full, it's been a pleasure chatting with you Julia, have a great day.
Honeywell Security and Fire Customer Service MIGHT be willing to send you some of those, if you give them a call.
No, as we send out the stickers with each keypad we sell and therefore we don't have any spares.
Yes, realized that too. I put in my cart :) Do you have labels for the ABCD keys of the 6160 keypad?
Man, that was hard to follow! Could you use the old panel as a power supply with back up battery? Yes, but it's a lot of trouble (and space used) for only 600 more mA when you could get the AD12612 and have another 1.2 Amps, if you ever need it. I'm not 100% sure what comes in the box, but I imagine it has both mounting hardware and foam double stick tape that you could use to stick it to the inside of the can.
Crazy talk time. I have a 16.5 VAC 40va power supply, not the wimpy 25va power supply. I also have my old 2002 circa Vista 20P mainboard. I also have a spare battery. IF I were to power the old main board (old) up on pins old.1 & old.2 from my 40va power supply that is also powering my active main board (active), on pins active.1 and active.2 AND connect my spare battery to the battery leads of old board, AND jumper pins old.4 & active.4 AND knowing that in the below old.4 and active.4 are actually equivalent AND jumper pins active.5 to red and active/old.4 to black of: keypad #1 motion #1 zone expander 4219 4286 VIP voice module GSMX4G AND jumper pins old.5 to red and active/old.4 to black of: keypad #2 motion #2 receiver 5881ENH glass break #1 glass break #2 (yet to buy but is in my shopping cart) then would you be inclined to say, yep, that'll work, or since the Honeywell AD12612 is only $20 and should fit in the can I should not be a knuckle head and use it but wire as above? Does the one on your site (in my shopping card) come with mount tabs?
Fortunately I have an extra power supply. You are a gem Julia. Thanks! I see that you no longer sell new 5800TM's and of course if I just use a second Honeywell 5834-4 I have no need for bi-directional comms. I should solve my power problem and simply eliminate my need for the 5800TM and call it a day :) I just put a Honeywell 5834-4 on my shopping cart. Will do some more shopping, perhaps for an additional glass break. Will test my extra power supply first for proper output. Daniel
Yes, I calculate you at about 740 mA in alarm (just on the keypad bus, not counting Motions or Glass Breaks), and the panel only puts out 600mA. Be sure when you add the power supply that you common the negative between DC negativve on the power supply, and terminal 4 on the panel.
Wired: 1 two wire smoke, 2 four wire smoke, 1 glass break, 2 motion, 2 Honeywell 6160 keypads, 1 Honeywell 5881ENH, 1 Honeywell 4219 zone expander, 1 Honeywell 4286 VIP voice module, 1 Honeywell GSMX4G The window and door are all reed switch - I don't think they draw power do they? So I should run a second power supply to the peripherals.. regardless of 5800TM problem. I hear you. If problems persist, then maybe the 5800 is bad. Thanks.
The GSMX4G only draws 65mA of current in standby, but it draws 250mA when transmitting, so in alarm, you're no doubt going to be in trouble. I'm not saying that's your issue with the 5800TM, but it is an issue.
To be honest.. no, have not calc'd the power nor have an additional power supply. But the only change to the system since 2002 is a GSM card in 2010 and then swapped out that card for a GSMX4G last week. And swapped out a motion for a glass break. Now I don't recall if the fob worked after the 2010 GSM.. interesting. The 5800TM is wired off of the 5881ENH.
That's a lot of powered devices, have you done a power calculation and/or do you have a power supply for any of these devices? Is the 5800TM tapped off the receiver, or home run to the panel? Could be a wiring issue, or just a bad wiring harness (I believe the 5800TM, like the receiver uses a harness, I haven't actually seen one in a while). Could be a bad TM Module, as you said, not much way to test it, especially with only 1 bi-directional device. If you do have a power supply, what devices are powered by it?
Hey, thanks for the response! It is about a foot under the 5881, both mounted in a closet on my second floor, whereas the 20P is mounted in the cabinet in the basement. Yes, the LEDs light up the correct value for my House ID, freshly set to the same value yesterday to double check. This is the only device that should care what the house ID is. My keypads are both wired and the other wireless devices are 5 windows. All other windows, and all smoke, door, glass break and motion are wired. Have one other Fob, but it is transmit only. This fob was working when originally installed, but the batteries died a couple years back and as it wasn't used a lot, I put on the list of things to do. Since then I installed a GSM unit and most recently replaced the aging 2002 20P 1.4 Chipset with a new board and 10.x chipset. Replaced the battery, programmed up everything. The fob works for setting, but the receive light doesn't light up and no sound is returned. Have also a 4219 expander working fine, 7 doubled wired zones, and a 4286 VIP voice module also working fine.
Where/how is your 5800TM mounted in relation to the 5881ENH? It should be at least 1 foot, not more than 2 feet from the receiver. 18 inches is considered optimal. Also, the receiver can be mounted in the can with the panel, but the 5800TM can not. The 5804BD has LED's, to verify House ID. Are the LED's lighting, and did you verify the House ID's match (I know you mentioned this, but I have to ask since House ID is where status information comes from for the Fob, but has no effect on arming/disarming).
I have a Honeywell 5800TM along with a Honeywell 5881ENH on my Vista 20P (newest Firmware). I programmed up my Honeywell 5804BD and activated as user 3. House ID set on Fob and System. All buttons work as expected to ARM and DISARM, but no signal is send back to the Fob. Fob times out after 5 seconds or so with a 'beep'. This unit previously did work with the current wiring, but I had not used this Fob for a couple of years. Could the 5800 be dead? No way to test, no light on it. My Vista 20P is a new board, so all programming was redone, did I miss something needed for the 5800 TM? Red jumper is cut setting to address 28.
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