How do I install a Honeywell 5800TM?

The 5800TM is a transmitter module which allows a 5881 receiver to work in conjunction with certain bi-directional wireless devices to provide panel status to those devices. The 5881 is a "one-way" device, in that it receives transmissions from devices in the field wirelessly, and conveys those signals to the alarm panel, via a 4-wire connection to the keypad bus. The 5881 receives no status information from the alarm panel. By adding the 5800TM to an installation where a 5881 already exists, you give bi-directional devices in the field which are capable of receiving panel status, the ability to do so. The 5800TM has a 4-wire connection to the keypad bus of the panel, just as the 5881 does. It should be mounted at least 1 foot and not more than 2 feet from the 5881 (18 inches is optimal). The transmitter module is usually mounted just above the receiver, but you may need to use trial and error to achieve best results, so test all bi-directional devices before permanently mounting it. The devices that work with the 5800TM include the 5804BD, 5804BDV, and 5827BD. This module uses older technology, and is quickly being replaced by the 5883, which has a built in transmitter module, and the newer RF keypads and Lynx panels, which also have the transmitter module built in, and support newer devices such as the 5828 and 5828V.

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