Honeywell 5809SS

Wireless Fixed Temperature/ROR Heat Detector


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The Honeywell 5809SS is a wireless fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector. Both technologies offer their own benefits which is ...
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The Honeywell 5809SS is a wireless fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detector. Both technologies offer their own benefits which is why Honeywell decided to keep them bundled in a single sensor. The rate-of-rise heat detection requires a 15F degrees increase within 1 minute. The ambient temperature must be under 100F degrees for ROR detection to activate. Although rate-of-rise offers unique fire detection for open flame fires the fixed temperature sensing is always a good backup for slow, smoldering fires. There is a 135F degrees fixed temperature sensor designed to trigger a fire alarm on your Honeywell alarm system. If the fixed temperature element is triggered this detector will need to be replaced. It is a single use, non-restorable element.

The original 5809 was replaced by the detector to meet new UL 521 commercial/residential standards but is essentially the same heat detector. It is ideal for residential kitchens where burning food may trigger false alarms on a traditional smoke detector.

One 3V lithium battery is specified to power this device for 3 to 5 years. Honeywell requires the following brands to meet this life expectancy: Panasonic CR123A, Duracell DL123, DL123A, or HUIDERUI CR123A.


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Honeywell products are not compatible with Nest products unfortunately.
does this work with Nest?
Yes this does work with the Lyric.
Does this work with Lyric?
Yes it can be used a standalone unit that will alert you. It just will not be able to report back to a central station.
Does the Honeywell 5809SS work as a stand alone unit without need for a wireless receiver or controller? I'm looking for a heat detector that I can just attach to the ceiling without any additional tech.
On another page, I asked about the loop numbers. I said that my unit autodetected as loop 4 and wondered if that was correct. Sterling's answer was great so I'll copy it below for other's information: "Loop 4 is the pre-programmed loop for the device's tamper detection so if you auto-enrolled the heat detector to your Lyric by removing the head from the base, it would have auto-enrolled as loop 4. When on loop 4, the device would only ever trigger on tamper and never on actual heat detection. Once you re-save it as loop 1, with Device Type as 'Heat Sensor' and Response Type as 'Fire No Verification', the sensor should activate as expected."
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