Honeywell 5809

Wireless Heat Detector

Honeywell 5809 wireless heat detector

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The Honeywell 5809 is a wireless heat detector that uses both rate-of-rise and fixed temperature sensors. While smoke detectors are impor...

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The Honeywell 5809 is a wireless heat detector that uses both rate-of-rise and fixed temperature sensors. While smoke detectors are important life safety devices to have installed with your wireless security system, sometimes smoke detectors are not the right choice for detection. In kitchens and other rooms, where there may be smoke without an emergency situation, we recommend using the 5809 heat detector instead. With a 5809 installed, you will not trigger false alarms when you are cooking, but if there is a real fire emergency you will still be protected.

Heat detectors are designed for property protection. Normally your home will have smoke detectors already installed throughout the house. These local smoke detectors are designed to wake you up should a fire start while you are sleeping. However, these life safety smoke detectors will not help you if no one is home when the fire breaks out. Wireless heat detectors monitored by Alarm Grid provide you the opportunity to protect your home and belongings from fire destruction. The wireless heat detector will trigger an alarm when it detects a fixed temperature of 135° F or higher or if it detects a 15° F increase within (1) minute. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) lists the maximum fire protection coverage for each Honeywell 5809 at 50' x 50'.

You can mount the 5809 heat detector on a wall or a ceiling. When wall mounting, you should make sure the 5809 is at least 4-6" from the ceiling. When ceiling mounting, make sure the 5809 is at least 4" from any wall. Make sure to avoid mounting the heat detector near heat generating devices (ovens, heat vents, furnaces or boilers).

The Honeywell 5809 wireless heat detector is a one-time use only device. If the round disk on top of the heat detector detaches (after heat detection), you must replace the 5809. Therefore, use the activation button to test the smoke detector instead of testing with real heat.


I would not expect the low temperatures to damage the sensor but I can't say for sure that it will operate in those low temperatures as you assume, should a fire occur.
According to the 5809's Datasheet, the "Operating Temperature" is 40° to 140°F. I'm looking for some sort of protection for a detached garage (unheated.) It can get quite cold in the winter (0°F or lower.) Would installing a 5809 in an environment where the temperature can drop damage the unit? Or does it just unhappy/doesn't "operate" at those lower temperatures? In my mind, it seems that if there was a fire, the temperature would rise, eventually reaching the lower 40°F limit. At this point assuming the sensor isn't damaged, it would then sense the rapid rate of rise from there?
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