Honeywell 5811

Wireless Thin Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Honeywell 5811 - Wireless Wafer Thin Door and Window Sensor

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This wafer-thin sensor is a discreet, reliable way to protect any home. For those concerned with the aesthetics of their security system, the 5811 is unobtrusive. Its 150 foot RF range is slightly less than its more bulky counterpart the 5816, but it works at a distance that is far enough for use in almost any home.


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Honeywell's 5811 is the most discreet wireless door and window sensor available. When installed on a door or window frame, the Honeywell 5811 wireless thin window or door sensor is nearly invisible. The 5811 sensor protects a single opening from intrusion and when programmed to a Honeywell alarm control panel will use (1) wireless zone. We recommend installing the wireless sensor on the door or window frame and the included magnet on the actual door or window. The magnet needs to be installed next to the 5811 sensor along the side that has the (2) magnet alignment locator tabs and can be no further than 3/4" from the 5811 door sensor or window sensor. Use the included double sided tape for easy do-it-yourself installation. Mounting hardware is also included if you would like to make it a more professional installation.

The Honeywell 5811 wireless door and window contact from Honeywell has a wireless RF transmitting range of 150' nominal. If the 5811 contact is too far away from your Honeywell wireless alarm control panel or wireless receiver, it will report an RF supervision loss error. You would then need to add a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater or relocate the 5811 window and door contact. Sometimes a few inches can make a big difference when testing the transmitter's wireless range.

The Honeywell 5811 door sensor's battery is included and provides (4) years of battery life. When the 5811 transmitter's battery is running low, it will trigger a low battery signal to the Honeywell alarm control panel so that you know to replace the battery of your wireless door sensor or window sensor. Alarm Grid's central station will also call you to notify you that your Honeywell 5811 sensor has a low battery if you are signed up for alarm monitoring services. If you are signed up for Alarm Grid's AlarmNet alarm monitoring service with Total Connect service, this low battery message can be sent out as a direct email and/or text message.


Awesome sensors with great range
Submitted On 01/06/2013

Bought enough of these to cover every window and door in my house that is easily accessible because they are thin, wireless, and was told by AlarmGrid they have great range. They were not kidding and these things work great.

I have had no problems with any of the sensors connecting to my Lynx 5100 system, which is centrally located, in my house. They are very thin and do not create eye sores to look at and I also found they work great on double-hung windows. I simply put the receiver on the lower pane and the magnet on the upper pane and now if either of the windows is opened the alarm will trigger.

Hands down best door sensor Honeywell offers!
Submitted On 09/17/2012

Man Honeywell finally got it right with the 5811. I've never liked how the 5816s are so boxy so I've tried almost all of the smaller sensors. Problem is those sensors dont have the same wirelss range as the 5816. It's been a struggle to decide between a sensor that looks better or one that loses its connection from time to time. Now that they have the 5811, I swapped all my sensors out to these super thin sensors and I never have wireless range issues!

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We love the 5811s too! For some reason Honeywell hasn't made the magnet that comes with a 5811 an actual orderable part. However, the 943WG-M ( ) should be a suitable equivalent so you can vent your windows.
I love this sensor and it works great! I was thinking about adding a second magnet on a couple that way I can arm the alarm when a window is "cracked" open slightly. Can additional magnets be purchased separately?
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