Honeywell 5811

Wireless Thin Door Sensor and Window Sensor

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This wafer-thin sensor is a discreet, reliable way to protect any home. For those concerned with the aesthetics of their security system, the 5811 is unobtrusive. Its 150 foot RF range is slightly less than its more bulky counterpart the 5816, but it works at a distance that is far enough for use in almost any home.

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Honeywell's 5811 is the most discreet wireless door and window sensor available. When installed on a door or window frame, the Honeywell 5811 wireless thin window or door sensor is nearly invisible. The 5811 sensor protects a single opening from intrusion and when programmed to a Honeywell alarm control panel will use (1) wireless zone. We recommend installing the wireless sensor on the door or window frame and the included magnet on the actual door or window. The magnet needs to be installed next to the 5811 sensor along the side that has the (2) magnet alignment locator tabs and can be no further than 3/4" from the 5811 door sensor or window sensor. Use the included double sided tape for easy do-it-yourself installation. Mounting hardware is also included if you would like to make it a more professional installation.

The Honeywell 5811 wireless door and window contact from Honeywell has a wireless RF transmitting range of 150' nominal. If the 5811 contact is too far away from your Honeywell wireless alarm control panel or wireless receiver, it will report an RF supervision loss error. You would then need to add a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater or relocate the 5811 window and door contact. Sometimes a few inches can make a big difference when testing the transmitter's wireless range.

The Honeywell 5811 door sensor's battery is included and provides (4) years of battery life. When the 5811 transmitter's battery is running low, it will trigger a low battery signal to the Honeywell alarm control panel so that you know to replace the battery of your wireless door sensor or window sensor. Alarm Grid's central station will also call you to notify you that your Honeywell 5811 sensor has a low battery if you are signed up for alarm monitoring services. If you are signed up for Alarm Grid's AlarmNet alarm monitoring service with Total Connect service, this low battery message can be sent out as a direct email and/or text message.

Brand: Honeywell

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Awesome sensors with great range
Submitted on 01/06/2013 Kevin

Bought enough of these to cover every window and door in my house that is easily accessible because they are thin, wireless, and was told by AlarmGrid they have great range. They were not kidding and these things work great.

I have had no problems with any of the sensors connecting to my Lynx 5100 system, which is centrally located, in my house. They are very thin and do not create eye sores to look at and I also found they work great on double-hung windows. I simply put the receiver on the lower pane and the magnet on the upper pane and now if either of the windows is opened the alarm will trigger.

Hands down best door sensor Honeywell offers!
Submitted on 09/17/2012 Pete

Man Honeywell finally got it right with the 5811. I've never liked how the 5816s are so boxy so I've tried almost all of the smaller sensors. Problem is those sensors dont have the same wirelss range as the 5816. It's been a struggle to decide between a sensor that looks better or one that loses its connection from time to time. Now that they have the 5811, I swapped all my sensors out to these super thin sensors and I never have wireless range issues!

It looks like you had a tamper trouble on your front door. Please make sure that the sensor is fully snapped shut. I am emailing separately with some troubleshooting steps.
Hi Alamgrid team, My Honeywell 5811 wireless thin door sensor got problem, often not response. There are not any warning message in monitor L5200 about battery low or ahbnormal things. Please let me know possible cause of this phenomenon
Hi Kevin, I just sent a ticket to the shipping team so they can ship you out a replacement sensor and email you a return shipping label so you can send that one back to us.
Hi Frank, I tried the thicker tape and it worked for a few days and then stopped. I removed the sensor and tried it in my hands several feet from the door and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. It usually started working if I tapped the sensor. This leads me to believe that the sensor is malfunctioning. How can I get a warranty replacement? Thanks
Perfect. Keep us posted.
Thanks for getting back to me Frank! I will try the 5816 route first!
There are a few routes to take on this issue. I recommend getting the 5816 ( ). You can try padding this out and see it works as is. Otherwise you can locally hardwire a contact to the wired loop inside the tamper cover of the 5816. I would choose from the following wired contacts: , . Let us know how you make out with this approach.
Hi Sterling, I still have issues with this 5811 door sensor! I have installed a custom cut piece of silicon rubber between the steel casing and the sensor, didn't work so cut and fitted another one (Doubling up on the thickness which is currently 1/4" now) and it still doesn't work! It throws up a 'Supervision Error' every day and doesn't register when the door is opened and closed! Can you recommend an alternative door sensor to use which be more powerful to enable it to work correctly. The door is only about 60 feet from the panel but this big steel clad security door is causing issues. Look forward to your reply!
This is classic RF interference, most like caused by the steel. Did you use in the included adhesive tape? If so, it is not thick enough to offer the proper separation between the sensor and the metal. I recommend padding the sensor out with thicker foam adhesive tape beneath both the sensor and magnet. While you are doing this you may want to test the sensor in your hand a few feet away from the door. This will ensure that the device itself is not faulty. I doubt that it is.
Hi Sterling, One of my 5811 sensors is not working properly. The sensor is mounted to a steel clad door and the magnet is mounted to the wood frame, both with 2 sided tape, about 15 feet from the L5210 panel. It worked for about two months but now when I open the door it doesn't trigger and I'm not getting an error. If I open or even just pull on the cover a bit it goes back to working again but just for an hour or maybe a day, then stops working again. I'm not getting a low battery warning but I have removed and re-installed it and doesn't seem to help. I thought it might have something to do with the steel clad door but it worked fine for a couple of months so not so sure about that. Is it possibly a bad sensor? Any ideas? Thanks
Yep, I'll try that! Thanks for all your assistance in this matter! I appreciate your time and patience!
You could use more strips of double sided tape to pad it up a bit. You should test the sensor in your hand to see how far away from the door you need to be for it to be work and then you know how big of a spacer you'll need.
It was fixed with both
Are you using double sided tape or screws now?
Your right, it works in my hand right up to a couple of inches from the steel frame and door. As soon as i put the sensor up against the steel door frame it no longer operates! Any ideas with regards what I can use to shield the sensor from the frame?
The sensor should work at that distance unless there's something blocking the transmissions back to the panel. At that distance, with nothing at all between the sensor and the panel, does it work in your hands?
Thanks for all you assistance Sterling! It does work in my hands but closer to the panel. It doesn't work in my hands when I'm near the back door though and it's only about 60 feet from the panel. The salon is one large open space too so there are no obstructions between the sensor and panel other than a small timer and sheet rock partition near the reception area where the panel is located.
Does it work in your hands at the door but not mounted to the door? If so, the steel door must be affecting the sensor's signals back to the panel and you should pad it out from the door/frame with thicker foam tape or some type of custom spacer.
The Front Door 5811 is mounted on an Aluminium Door and Frame and works fine but this is only 15 feet from the panel.
Yes, the sensor is mounted on a steel door and steel door frame. The sensor did work fine in my hand closer to the panel
Was the back door sensor mounted on a metal door? Does the sensor work if you remove it from the door and bring it closer to the panel?
Sorry, forgot to mention... The panel is a Lynx L7000
I have installed two 5811's in a Hair Salon on the Front and Back Doors. They were learned in automatically and are fine testing them next to the panel. The front door one was installed fine about 15 feet from the panel and the back door one doesn't activate or show a tamper even though it is only 60 feet from the panel. Any ideas please??? Thanks you!
Thanks for your reply, Sterling!
The RF receiver simply allows the panel to communicate with the wireless sensors. If you want to get alerts about the sensor activity, you'd need to have an alarm communicator connected to the system and some sort of monitoring service. We offer services that include central station monitoring and Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service and we also offer less expensive Total Connect 2.0 service plans only (our self monitoring plans at the bottom of the sign up page - Total Connect 2.0 allows you to arm/disarm from the mobile app Total Connect 2.0 and from the website. You would also be able to set up text/email alerts to any number of recipients for sensor/system events.
Can the RF receiver be used to connect to the internet and provide sensor's data to a SaaS, preferably as an API? How else could you access the data of the sensors?
I have experienced that the physical dimensions on the 5820L ( ) are better for this type of window protection. The sensor itself is a bit skinner in width. In some cases, I have used the 5820L sensor in conjunction with the 5899b ( ).
Yes, as long as you can mount the sensor and magnet in a way that neither piece gets knocked off when opening/closing the window and that the two pieces do separate away from each other when the window opens, you can certainly use one device to protect two openings.
If you install this on a double-hung window, can you affix the magnet to the upper pane and the transmitter to the lower pane, so either one moving will set the alarm?
It's more important that you put the sensor on the frame instead of the moving part when dealing with doors. Typically a window opening/closing shouldn't be enough to damage the sensor. As long as the sensor and magnet are aligned when the window is closed and the magnet is moved away from the sensor without knocking the sensor or magnet off the window/frame when opened, you should be good.
Do you have recommendations on how these sensors should be installed on windows? I seen most videos put the actual sensor on top of the bottom window panel while placing the magnet on the other window that does not move. I think this goes against your installation video where it talks about not letting the sensor slide around and getting banged with moving windows/doors. How would you install them? Thanks
These will work with any Honeywell RF receiver. Physical dimensions: 2 1/8"H x 1 3/16"W x 1/4"D
Will these work with an ADT system? What is the actual size of the sensors?
I spent the morning troubleshooting, and apparently switching these to loop 1 did the trick. They all work great now, and the alarm did trigger during test mode.
Ah, duh! Sorry for missing that. 5811s need to be programmed as loop 1, not loop 2.
The ones on this web page, 5811.
What model number are the door/window sensors?
I just installed my 3 door/window sensors today, but they don't seem to be working. I have the correct serial #'s registered, and all are on "Loop 2". As well, when viewing the "zones" icon from the home screen of my lynx5200, all 3 of the sensor zones are listed as "ready". The chime feature is enabled, and the top bar of my console says "Ready to Arm--Chime". However, my system does not chime when any of my doors are opened. When I leave a door ajar, hoping that the sensor will register that, I'm still able to arm my system, and there's no prompt for me to ensure all my doors/windows are properly closed before allowing the system to become armed. When I enter the "Test" mode they don't register or trigger the alarm either. Any help/insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.
We love the 5811s too! For some reason Honeywell hasn't made the magnet that comes with a 5811 an actual orderable part. However, the 943WG-M ( ) should be a suitable equivalent so you can vent your windows.
I love this sensor and it works great! I was thinking about adding a second magnet on a couple that way I can arm the alarm when a window is "cracked" open slightly. Can additional magnets be purchased separately?
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