Honeywell 5819WHS

Wireless Transmitter with Integrated Shock Sensor

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The Honeywell 5819WHS is a wireless shock processor and transmitter with integrated shock sensor. Unlike the Honeywell 5819, this device ...

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The Honeywell 5819WHS is a wireless shock processor and transmitter with integrated shock sensor. Unlike the Honeywell 5819, this device includes the shock sensor needed to protect a pane of glass or other surface from intrusion. The integrated shock sensor will provide a typical area of coverage of 10-12' with a 5-6' radius. The type of glass or surface being protected can affect the coverage area but normally you would only need (1) 5819WHS per pane of glass.

The 5819WHS wireless transmitter also has (2) auxiliary loops beyond the first built-in shock sensor loop (loop 1). The second loop utilizes the built-in magnetic reed switch along with a magnet (not included) to protect any opening from intrusion. The third loop is designed for an external wired, normally closed contact loop which you must connect to the 5819WHS transmitter's TB2 terminals. Each loop must be programmed as a separate unique wireless zone within your wireless alarm system's zone programming. When mounting the Honeywell 5819WHS, make sure that the embossed arrow on the shock sensor is pointing up when the 5819WHS is mounted. If you will use the transmitter's reed switch and need to mount the sensor in a way that the arrow is not pointing up, you can gently push the shock sensor away from the mounting hole to twist it so that the arrow points up once the shock sensor is reinstalled and the wireless transmitter is mounted.

The 5819WHS wireless shock sensor and transmitter has selectable response time and sensitivity levels. You can set the response time using the internal dip switches. If all dip switches are set to the off position, the alarm response time will be 0.5mSec. If the SW1 switch is set to on, the alarm response time will be 1mSec. If SW2 switch is on, the alarm response time will be 2mSec. If SW3 switch is on, the alarm response time will be 5mSec. If SW4 switch is on, the alarm response time will be 10mSec. Finally, if the SW5 switch is on, the alarm response time will be 20mSec. You can also use the jumper pins to select the sensitivity level of the shock sensor. Jumper 1 uses a pulse count of (1) which is the most sensitive. Jumper 5 uses a pulse count of (8) which is the least sensitive. You should test the shock sensor with different dip switch and jumper settings until the 5819WHS does not trigger false alarms under normal conditions.

Brand: Honeywell

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Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5819WHS is a discontinued shock sensor and wireless transmitter. The wireless device operates at 345 MHz, so you can use it with compatible wireless alarm systems that support the frequency. This includes many systems from Honeywell and 2GIG. The device uses three (3) separate Loop Numbers, with Loop Number 1 being the device's built-in shock sensor, Loop Number 2 being for the device's internal reed switch that allows the 5819WHS to function as a contact sensor, and Loop Number 3 being for the sensor's wireless transmitter capabilities. With the transmitter, you connect a wired NC contact sensor to the 5819WHS so that it can be used with your 345 MHz alarm system. As the 5819WHS has so many features and great functionality, we give it a 5-Star rating.

As mentioned already, the 5819WHS offers many features and capabilities, which has to be seen as a positive aspect. Unlike earlier models the shock sensor for the 5819WHS is built inside the unit. It's not a mere shock processor where you have to connect a wired unit. We also like how the unit has a selectable response time that is adjusted using its internal DIP switches. You can also adjust the sensitivity for the device, which is great for enhanced customization. There are not many downsides for the 5819WHS, but one shortcoming is the fact that the sensor is discontinued, and you probably won't find a new model anywhere. While the sensor has three (3) programmable functions, you will need to assign the device to three different zones on the system if you want to use all these functions. Also, no magnet is included with the sensor, so you must supply your own if you want to use the device as a contact sensor. All things considered, we give the 5819WHS a 5-Star score.

Good: Many Features & Functions, Integrated Shock Sensor, Selectable Response Time, Adjustable Sensitivity

Bad: Discontinued, Requires Three (3) Zones For Complete Functionality

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

As they are wireless they are more expensive than a wired contact. We don't have a huge selection of shock sensors, but feel free to check out what we have at this link: The Honeywell ASC-SS1 is the least expensive wired shock sensor we offer at $13.99.
Why are these sensors so dang expensive? Is there a cheaper option for a wireless shock sensors for my windows?
To my knowledge, all of the uni-directional 5800 series wireless devices from Honeywell are compatible with the 2GIG GC2. There just isn't an equipment code made for that sensor, so you'll probably want to use "Other" 0000 and then program with the appropriate loop number.
Does this sensor work with the 2GIG GC2 ( CP21 ) control panel? Want to make sure its 100% compatible before purchasing a security system.
You're welcome, it was a good question, so thank you too! :)
Liz, Check out this FAQ:
How do I test the 5819WHS to figure out what the best setting is under normal conditions?
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