Honeywell 5819S

Wireless Shock Sensor and Transmitter


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The Honeywell 5819S is a wireless shock sensor that alerts users to a smashed door or window. The sensor will alert the system whenever it detects shockwaves the indicate a break-in. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for the zone. Buy the Honeywell 5819S here.
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The Honeywell 5819S Wireless Shock Sensor and Transmitter is recommended for any Honeywell user who wants a reliable shock sensor to let them know if a door or window is smashed. With a good shock sensor like the 5819S, your system can be alerted to any attempted forcible entry in your home.

What's great about the Honeywell 5819S is that the shock sensor is omni-directional. The sensor can be mounted vertically or horizontally to provide reliable detection. This flexibility is particularly useful when mounting the sensor horizontally, on top of the bottom pane of a double-hung window. You can trust that the 5819S will provide reliable detection from wherever you mount it, regardless of position.

The typical protection area of the 5819S is 10 to 12 feet in total. This equates to a five (5) to six (6) foot radius away from the sensor. Please note that the total coverage area can vary based on the installation mounting surface. The sensor has three distinct loops. There is also an option to have the sensor report shock faults and contact reed switch faults to a single zone. This option is enabled by setting DIP Switch 4 to ON. The zone must then be programmed as Loop 1.

The 5819S primarily uses Loop 1 for shock detection. This function has an adjustable sensitivity setting. This setting is adjusted through DIP switches on the sensor. The sensor has four (4) distinct sensitivity settings. These include "Most Sensitive", "High Sensitivity", "Medium Sensitivity" and "Low Sensitivity". During enrollment, you should set the sensor to "Most Sensitive". This is done by setting DIP Switches 1, 2 and 3 to OFF.

If you program using only Loop 2, then the zone for the 5819S will function as strictly a door and window contact. The sensor comes with a small magnet for this purpose. Inside the 5819S is a metal reed switch. When the sensor is in contact with the magnet, this reed switch will remain closed. Separating the magnet from the transmitter will release this reed switch.

When programmed on Loop 2, the sensor will know to alert the panel when the internal reed switch is released. A proper installation for this feature will have the sensor on the door or window frame and the magnet on the actual door or window itself. The sensor and magnet should ideally be in direct contact when the door or window is closed but must be within one inch of each other. Opening the door or window will cause the sensor and magnet to become separated, thus releasing the internal reed switch.

The 5819S also features an option for programming a third Loop, aptly named Loop 3. When programmed using Loop 3, the sensor operates as a wireless transmitter for a single Normally Closed hardwired contact. The wired contact will need to connect with the terminal block on the 5819S board. This is a 2-wire connection that is fairly easy to complete with a flathead screwdriver. The 5819S will transmit signals to the panel when the connected contact is opened.

The Honeywell 5819S is part of the Honeywell 5800 Series. Like all other 5800 Series devices, the 5819S operates at 345 MHz. It is compatible with most Resideo Systems, including the VISTA Panels, LYNX Touch Panels and Lyric Controller. Please note that you will need to add a 345 MHz wireless receiver to a VISTA Panel to make the 5819S compatible. This can include a standalone receiver module like a 5881ENH or a keypad with an integrated transceiver, such as a 6160RF. The sensor can also be used with the 2GIG Systems that support the 345 MHz frequency. This includes the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC3 Systems.

For best results, the 5819S should not be mounted on glass. Mounting on glass could cause the sensor to become damaged during a break-in. Instead, it should be mounted on the frame or the non-glass part of the window. You can use screws to complete the installation, or you can use double-sided foam tape. You should test the sensor after installation. The test can be completed by using a hard tool, or the side of your fist to carefully simulate shock impacts on or near the area where the device is mounted. The 5819S sensor has LED lights that illuminate whenever shockwaves are detected. You should adjust the sensitivity accordingly based on the test results.

The sensor uses a single lithium CR123A battery for power. It measures 3.05"L x 1.54"W x 1.0"D.


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