Honeywell CELL-ANT

AlarmNet Indoor 10’ Remote GSM Antenna

Honeywell gsm ant alarmnet indoor 10 remote gsm antenna

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The Honeywell GSM-ANT is an AlarmNet indoor 10’ remote GSM antenna compatible with select Honeywell cellular and dual-path alarm monitoring communicators. Buy the GSM-ANT here.

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The Honeywell GSM-ANT is an AlarmNet indoor 10’ remote GSM antenna compatible with select Honeywell cellular alarm monitoring communicators and dual path alarm monitoring communicators. The GSM-ANT will not improve the average cellular gain of the AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator, but it will allow you to easily change the point of cellular reception without having to move your AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator.

Honeywell AlarmNet dual path and cellular alarm monitoring communicators have an internal dual band GSM antenna that should provide adequate cellular signal strength with most applications. Your AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator will have received signal strength indication (RSSI) LEDs on the circuit board to show you an approximation of how well the cellular alarm communicator is connecting to the GSM tower in your area. Aarm Grid does not recommend relying on a cellular alarm monitoring communicator that does not have at least 2 yellow LEDs and the first green LED lit up solid once the alarm communicator has been installed. If the RSSI LEDs on your AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator do not indicate three bars of reception, you should relocate the device. You will normally maintain the best RSSI level when your cellular alarm monitoring communicator is installed on the inside of an exterior wall at the highest point within your property. Honeywell recommends installing your AlarmNet dual path or cellular alarm monitoring communicator at least 1’ from any steel I-beams, HVAC ducts, metal studs, steel roofs, exterior walls with metalized insulation or aluminium siding or any other large metal objects to ensure the maximum cellular reception.

Unfortunately, sometimes your Honeywell alarm control panel is already installed in a location that prevents you from being able to install your cellular alarm monitroing communicator in a spot that has adequate cellular signal strength. If the built-in internal dual band GSM antenna is not reliably communicating with the cellular tower in your area, you can try adding an external antenna like the GSM-ANT. The GSM-ANT has a 10’ cable that will allow you to move the point of reception for your cellular alarm communicator to a location that is more suitable. You should always disconnect power to your AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator, including the backup battery, before adding a GSM antenna. With the power disconnected, knock out the plastic plug from the mounting hole at the top of your AlarmNet communicator. Use the washer and nut to secure the SMA connector found at the end of the included K14207LF MMCX-SMA adapter cable to the plastic case of your cellular alarm monitoring communicator. Plug the other end of the K14207LF cable into the MMCX external antenna port on your cellular communicator’s internal antenna board. Be careful to plug the MMCX connector straight into the port so you do not bend or break the MMCX internal connection pin. You can then connect the GSM-ANT antenna cable into the SMA connector and mount the external antenna on the wall at the best possible location for the maximum RSSI level.

The Honeywell AlarmNet GSM-ANT indoor remote antenna is compatible with the Honeywell GSMV and Honeywell VISTA-GSM cellular alarm monitoring communicators and the Honeywell iGSMV and Honeywell iGSMHS dual path alarm monitoring communicators. If you want to add the GSM-ANT to the Honeywell LYNX Plus GSMVLP or the Honeywell GSMX cellular alarm monitoring communicators, you will need to replace their internal antennas with the GSM-EAA external antenna accessory before connecting the GSM-ANT. You cannot use the GSM-ANT with the Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch GSMVLP5 or the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm monitoring communicators.

Brand: Honeywell

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