Can External Antenna be Installed on an iGSMV4G?

Yes, an external antenna can be installed on a iGSMV4G. Before an external antenna can be added, you must first remove the communicator's internal antenna. In order to install an external antenna, you must use a CELL-EXT adapter cable. This will allow the antenna to connect to the module.

The iGSMV4G already includes a built-in antenna. However, it is sometimes necessary for users to add an external antenna so that the communicator can obtain a better signal. All antennas will require a CELL-EXT adapter cable to connect to the communicator. Some of the best options for an external antenna include the CELL-ANT and the CELL-ANT3dB.

The CELL-ANT is an indoor antenna with a 10 foot cable. This antenna won’t provide any gain for the signal on the system, but it will allow you to have the reception point in an area that’s away from any equipment or materials that are impairing the signal.

The CELL-ANT3dB is an outdoor rated antenna that provides a 3dB gain for the communicator. This external antenna can be helpful if you find that your system doesn’t have sufficient signal strength. It can be mounted inside or outside the home, and it comes with its own sturdy metal mounting bracket.

Complete the following steps to install an external antenna to the iGSMV4G:

1. Power down the system. The alarm system and iGSMV4G must be fully powered down before installing an antenna. The backup battery inside the iGSMV4G and the plug-in transformer for the module will need to be unplugged. You must also unplug the transformer and the backup battery on the alarm system.

2. Unplug the internal antenna. To unplug the internal antenna, locate its connection on the communicator. All external antenna kits come with an Antenna Cable Removal Tool. Slide the tool under the connector, as shown below, and pull straight up. Be careful to not bend the connection port.

3. Install the CELL-EXT cable. The small end of the cable is the MMCX connector. Plug this into the port that the internal antenna was connected to. The larger end is the SMA adapter. Remove the plug from the top of the iGSMV4G plastic housing, and insert the SMA adapter through the hole. Place the washer over the end that is threaded. Next, secure the SMA adapter in place with the included nut.

4. Install the external antenna. If the antenna is an indoor version, connect it to the male SMA connector on the top of the communicator. Then mount the antenna in a suitable location.

If a CELL-ANT3dB antenna is being installed, mount the antenna in the desired location on its metal mount. Then, install the antenna extension to connect the CELL-ANT-3dB to the WA7626-CA cable end. This cable extension has a female SMA adapter on one end, which connects to the CELL-EXT that will be sticking out of the top of the communicator's plastic case. On the other end is a female N adapter that connects to the co-ax cable running to the antenna.

The CELl-ANT3dB comes in a couple of kits, which include all the cables needed for installation. The CELL-ANT3dB25KT comes with a 25 foot piece of co-ax cable used for connecting the antenna to the communicator. Also available is the CELL-ANT3dB50KT, which comes with a 50 foot piece of co-ax cable. Bear in mind that drop loss will occur when adding additional cable, so the 3dB of gain achieved by the antenna may be lost when a long wire is run back to the communicator.

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