Honeywell Home PROSIXGB

Encrypted Wireless Glass Break Sensor

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The Honeywell Home PROSIXGB is a wireless glass break detection sensor for use with the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS Alarm Panel. It offers a 25-foot detection range and 128-bit AES encryption. The sensor can monitor most types of glass. Buy the Honeywell Home PROSIXGB from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell Home PROSIXGB is a wireless glass break sensor that is used with the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS System. The sensor can be used to monitor most types of glass windows and protective glass casings. It offers a detection range of 25 feet, as well as four (4) sensitivity settings.

Monitoring glass windows and casings can be a very effective method for detecting break-ins. Many intruders won't be afraid to shatter a window to gain access to your home or business. But a good glass break sensor like the PROSIXGB will immediately alert the system and ensure that prompt action is taken. The PROSIXGB is the premier glass break detection sensor for use with the PROA7PLUS, as it offers robust and power features for optimal protection.

Most types of glass can be monitored using the PROSIXGB. Just keep in mind that the sensor should not be used to monitor glass areas smaller than 11" by 11". The types of glass that can be monitored by the PROSIXGB include plate (annealed) glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, wired glass, coated glass, and sealed insulating glass. Make sure the glass being monitored falls within the allowed thickness, as indicated by the manufacturer.

One great aspect of the PROSIXGB is that it can monitor glass from up to 25 feet away when used on the highest sensitivity setting. The sensor can monitor multiple windows and casings if placed strategically. You just need to make sure that the sensor has a direct line-of-sight to any glass being monitored. There are four (4) sensitivity settings for the sensor, which include High, Medium, Low, and Lowest. The default sensitivity setting is High.

As a Resideo Glass Break Sensor, the PROSIXGB uses Flex Detection. This means that it must hear both the low-pitched thud of an object striking against the glass and the high-pitched sound of glass shattering in order to activate. This helps prevent false alarms on the system. You can test the sensor using a Honeywell FG701 Glass Break Simulator. An LED light on the sensor provides status and assists with troubleshooting and enrollment.

The Honeywell Home PROSIXGB uses a single 3V lithium CR123A battery for power. This is also known as a "camera battery". Expected battery life is about five (5) years with typical usage. The sensor will report a low-battery signal to the panel when the battery needs replacing. You can conveniently auto-enroll the sensor with the PROA7PLUS System. The sensor also offers tamper detection and RF supervision. It can communicate with the system from more than 300 feet away in open air. The sensor is 3.78" in diameter, and it is 1.14" thick.


  • Device Type: Encrypted Wireless Glass Break Sensor
  • Compatibility: Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS
  • Supported Glass Types: Plate (Annealed), Tempered, Laminated, Wired, Coated, Sealed Insulated
  • Minimum Glass Area: 11" by 11"
  • Detection Range: Up to 25' Away On Highest Sensitivity
  • Communication Range: More than 300 Feet in Open Air
  • Encryption: 128-bit AES
  • Sensitivity Settings: High (Default), Medium, Low, Lowest
  • Detection Method: Listening Flex Detection
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Battery: Single 3V Lithium CR123A (included)
  • Battery Life: About Five (5) Years
  • Auto-Enrollment: Yes
  • Tamper Detection: Yes
  • RF Supervision: Yes
  • Dimensions: 3.78" Diameter, 1.14" Thick
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%, Non-Condensing

Brand: HoneywellResideo

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