Honeywell Lyric C1

WIFI Indoor 720P HD Total Connect Security Camera

Honeywell lyric c1 wifi indoor 720p hd total connect security ca

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That functionality is something others have already requested as having the cameras go to a privacy mode automatically when you're home is a common want/need from people using the NextGen cameras. We have put in a change request with Honeywell already and they said they agree it would be a nice upgrade and something they will work on adding. We don't have an ETA on when the functionality is coming and we're not sure if it will be geofence based or just an option to have the cameras go to privacy mode when the system is disarmed but once we hear it's out, we'll let you know.
Thank you Frank! I've since upgraded my account and have the cameras integrated with my Lyric now. Works great through TC 2.0. One thing I noticed compared to the basic Lyric app for standalone (non-monitored) camera use is the Geofencing feature. Do you know if Honeywell plans to include that in their development plans for the TC 2.0 integration? When I am home I am constantly getting alerts from the cameras for normal household noises and motion. Would be nice if they could shut off when someone is home.
Yes we can do that for you John! At first I did not realize that you were already a monitored customer. You will need to upgrade to the platinum level service. This includes Total Connect 2.0 for the cameras which offers cloud storage and live streaming. These plans support up to 8 of these next generation HD cameras per account. Feel free to email with your upgrade request if you decide you would like to try it out.
I was looking at the Honeywell support pages and saw a note about adding the C1 and C2 to a monitored security system. The note stated that my alarm professional can integrate the cameras through Total Connect. This is the link to the FAQ: I have a C1 and C2 at home I'd like to integrate with my Lyric system. Are you able to do that now?
Honeywell informed us that they are not currently able to stream the C1 and C2 cameras to any alarm panels. It is on their roadmap and hopefully becomes available soon.
Will this work with a Tuxedo Touch?
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