How Do I Automate Arming with Z-Wave Locks on LynxTouch?

From the Home screen go to Automation > Down Arrow > Tools > Advanced Tools > Locking Door. Select the desired arming mode. Options are Disabled, Arm Stay, Arm Away, and Arm without Auto-Stay. Once arming is selected, the system will arm in this mode each time any Z-Wave lock is locked.

The family of Lynx Touch panels that support Z-Wave started with the L5100. Then it progressed to the L5200, then L5210 and L7000. These panels all support Z-Wave door locks with the addition of the L5100-ZWAVE module. On most LynxTouch models this automation controller allows you to control up to three (3) Z-Wave thermostats, four (4) Z-Wave door locks and up to 40 Z-Wave light modules. Meanwhile, the beefier LYNX Touch L7000 supports four (4) Z-Wave thermostats, six (6) Z-Wave door locks, and 40 Z-Wave light modules.

When using Z-Wave door locks on the L5200, L5210, or the L7000, you must be sure to update to the latest firmware to ensure the best operation. Updates can be done by using the LYNXTOUCH-MSD tool. These come with the latest firmware pre-installed and also the instructions to allow you to easily complete the update.

While this feature is available, you must consider whether or not it will work for your personal situation. One key note to consider is that the locking of the lock will ALWAYS arm your panel. This is whether you are leaving and locking from the outside, or staying home and locking the lock from the inside. So if you have motion detectors, and set the lock to arm the panel to the Away Mode, you will trigger a false alarm if you walk past one of your motion detectors.

If you have the automation set to arm in the Stay Mode, then when you lock the door upon leaving, you will want to use the Total Connect 2.0 (TC2) App to change the system to Away Mode. TC2 is the remote interactive service available with our monitoring (full or self) plans for the Lynx family of panels. Another thing to consider is if you have multiple Z-Wave door locks, this programming will affect them all in the same way. There is no way to apply it to one Z-Wave lock, but not to another on the same system.

If you decide this feature is for you, follow the steps below to set up automated arming based on the locking of a Z-Wave door.

1. Enter Automation Advanced Tools. From the Home Screen, select Automation > down arrow > Tools > Advanced Tools > enter Master code (default is 1234) or Installers code (default is 4112).

2. Select Locking Door. From the Advanced Tools menu, select the Locking Door option.

3. Choose the desired arming state. Options include Disabled, Arm Stay, Arm Away, or Arm without AutoStay when Z-Wave door lock is locked. This selection either turns the feature off (Disabled) or causes the system to arm in the selected mode when any Z-Wave Door on the system is locked using any method.

4. Save and Exit. After making your selection, be sure to save your work. To exit, hit the return arrow at the top right, three (3) times.

5. Test. Always test the programming to ensure the desired operation. With the system in the Ready state, lock any Z-Wave lock associated with the system and verify that the alarm panel arms in the desired state.

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