Honeywell LTE-L3A

AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for L3000

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The Honeywell LTE-L3A AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for the Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000. This communicator will allow the panel to connect with the fast and reliable LTE network from AT&T, and it will let the system work with Total Connect 2.0. Get your L3000 monitored with this communicator.
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The Honeywell LTE-L3A Cellular Communicator will allow the Honeywell L3000 System to connect with the AT&T LTE Network. This will provide extremely fast and reliable communication for the L3000. This is the best way to ensure that your L3000 maintains connectivity with the AlarmNet Servers.

The LTE-L3A will also allow the system to work with Total Connect 2.0, provided that the panel is running Firmware Version 20.0 or higher. An L3000 System on a lower firmware version can still use the LTE-L3A module to connect with the AlarmNet360 Servers for monitoring service, but the user will not be able to use the Total Connect 2.0 platform. There is also a Verizon version of this same communicator available.

Brand: Honeywell

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Great Communicator for L3000
Submitted on 12/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell LTE-L3A is an AT&T LTE Communicator for a Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus Alarm Panel. The communicator is installed inside the L3000 and then activated for alarm monitoring service. You need a monitoring plan that includes cellular service to activate this communicator. An example of a compatible plan is an Alarm Grid Gold or Platinum Level Plan. Once the communicator is activated, you will be able to start using your L3000 System with Total Connect 2.0 for remote connectivity through your phone or a web browser, provided that access to TC2 is included with your monitoring plan. This communicator is a great way to extend the life of your L3000 and keep it monitored for many years to come. We give the LTE-L3A a perfect 5-Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Honeywell LTE-L3A. First, this is an LTE communicator, meaning that it will be kept in-service for a very long time. It offers fast and reliable connectivity with the Resideo AlarmNet Servers, which is necessary for alarm monitoring service. We also love how this communicator supports the use of Total Connect 2.0, as L3000 users will certainly want to take advantage of that great platform for controlling their systems remotely. But there are some downsides with the LTE-L3A. Since the L3000 cannot support Z-Wave, most automation functionality will still be impossible after upgrading to this communicator. Also, the Honeywell LTE-L3A will need to be installed inside the panel. This will require opening up the panel and powering it down completely. You will likely need a screwdriver to complete the process. It isn't too difficult, but it still requires some effort. But these downsides are really minor, and we are still able to give the LTE-L3A a 5-Star rating, as upgrading to LTE is important.

Good: LTE Communicator, Total Connect 2.0

Bad: L3000 Doesn't Support Z-Wave, Communicator Must Be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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