How Do I Connect a WAP-PLUS?

You can connect a WAP-PLUS by first running an ethernet cable from your router to the WAP-PLUS device. Then, a security camera can connect to the WAP-PLUS either wirelessly or through an ethernet connection. By using the WAP-PLUS, your security cameras will receive WPS protection.

Complete the following steps to connect a WAP-PLUS:

1. Add the antennas. The WAP-Plus comes with two antennas that plug into the back of the device. Screw in these antennas and have them facing upwards. This will provide the WAP-Plus with the best possible signal strength for wireless devices.

2. Connect to the router. Run an ethernet cable from your router to the WAP-Plus. The cable will plug into an open port on the router on one end. The other end will plug into any available port except the yellow WAN port on the WAP-Plus. Make sure that both connections are nice and secure.

3. Plug in the WAP-Plus. The WAP-Plus comes with a power adapter. One end plugs into a wall outlet. The other end plugs into the WAP-Plus. Plug these connections in so that the WAP-Plus receives power. Do not use an outlet controlled by a wall switch.

4. Connect the camera. The WAP-PLUS can connect with a camera wirelessly or with a hardwired ethernet connection. If you are using a hardwired ethernet connection, plug in one end of the ethernet cable to one of the open grey ports on the back of the WAP-PLUS. Then plug the other end into the Total Connect Camera.

If you are connecting the camera wirelessly, press and hold the WPS button on the WAP-Plus for three seconds. This will put the WAP-Plus into its enrollment mode. Then, within one minute, press the WPS button on the Total Connect Camera. WPS enrollment is usually signified by a flashing Amber Network or WPS LED. It may take a few moments for the enrollment process to complete. If the camera has a network LED, a green light will indicate that enrollment was successful.

The video below explains more about the WAP-PLUS:

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