How Do I Connect a WAP-PLUS?

You can connect a WAP-PLUS by first running an ethernet cable from your router to the WAP-PLUS device. Then, a security camera can connect to the WAP-PLUS either wirelessly or through an ethernet connection. By using the WAP-PLUS, your security cameras will receive WPS protection.

Complete the following steps to connect a WAP-PLUS:

1. Add the antennas. The WAP-Plus comes with two antennas that plug into the back the device. Screw in these antennas and have them facing upwards. This will provide the WAP-Plus with the best possible signal strength for wireless devices.

2. Connect to the router. Run an ethernet cable from your router to the WAP-Plus. The cable will plug into an open port on the router on one end. The other end will plug into the yellow port on the WAP-Plus. Make sure that both connections are nice and secure.

3. Plug in the WAP-Plus. The WAP-Plus comes with a power adapter. One end plugs into a wall outlet. The other end plugs into the WAP-Plus. Plug these connections in so that the WAP-Plus receives power.

4. Connect the camera. The WAP-PLUS can connect with a camera wirelessly or with a hardwired ethernet connection. If you are using a hardwired ethernet connection, plug in one end of the ethernet cable to one of the open grey ports on the back of the WAP-PLUS. Then plug the other end into the Total Connect Camera.

If you are connecting the camera wirelessly, press and hold the WPS button on the WAP-Plus for three seconds. This will put the WAP-Plus into its enrollment mode. Then, within one minute, press the WPS button on the Total Connect Camera. it may take a few moments for the enrollment process to complete. If the camera has a network LED light, a green light will indicate that enrollment was successful.

The video below explains more about the WAP-PLUS:

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