How many cameras can you enroll in total connect?

You can use up to six AlarmNet security cameras with each Total Connect  account.

If you are interested in enrolling cameras into your Total Connect account, you need to get one of the AlarmNet compatible cameras that we sell on our site. These cameras are wireless, and communicate with Total Connect via an IP connection.

The cameras are run through a home’s router or a WAP-PLUS device, not the Honeywell security system itself. Once connected, the cameras integrate in the Total Connect app as though the system and the cameras were all one. Also, Alarm Grid does offer a camera only monitoring package for those users who do not want to install a full alarm system but are interested in using Total Connect to remotely view their property.

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Yes, you can do more than 6 cameras on one TC2 account as long as you setup a 2nd Location for the 2nd set of 6 cameras. With us, we offer a 2nd set of 6 cameras for an additional $10/month on top of whatever plan you're active on for the system and/or the first set of 6.
is it possible to connect more than six cameras? Maybe with a second account? Can i view two accounts in one app?

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