Interlogix TX-2810-01-4

Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Detector

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The Interlogix TX-2810-01-4 is a wireless outdoor motion sensor that operates at 319.5 MHz. It is a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, with a maximum detection range of 98 feet. It features dual PIR sensors for accurate detection and false alarm prevention. Buy the TX-2810-01-4 from Alarm Grid.

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The Interlogix TX-2810-01-4 is an outdoor motion detector that features two independent PIR sensors for accurate and reliable performance. The device offers a programmable detection range, an adjustable pulse count and a variable mounting height. These features provide greater flexibility for the device so that it can be used in a variety of different applications. Additionally, the tilt sensor on the TX-2810-01-4 provides up to 180° pan and 90° tilt. This provides a more accurate aiming for the detection pattern that is hidden behind the device's protective UV lens.

As an outdoor motion sensor, the TX-2810-01-4 is capable of standing up to some tough environments. It has an IP 65 waterproof rating, meaning that it is fully dust tight and resistant to water and humidity. The device will also operate in almost any natural temperature, ranging from -13° to 149° Fahrenheit. This makes it excellent for unheated/uncooled indoor space or outdoor area applications. And with a maximum coverage range of 98 by 79 feet, it can certainly cover a rather vast area of property.

The most unique aspect of the TX-2810-01-4 is its dual passive infrared (PIR) detection sensors. A PIR sensor works by looking out for changes in infrared energy. A change in IR energy is caused by a person or large object with a different IR signature than its surroundings coming into the field of view of the sensor. Each PIR sensor on the TX-2810-01-4 operates individually from the other. The device will not activate unless BOTH of them are triggered within a short period of time. Once this occurs, the device will send a signal to the alarm system to perform a pre-programmed response. This dual-detection process is exceptionally effective in reducing false alarms, and but it still makes it nearly impossible for intruders to invade upon the property. The pre-programmed response for the sensor is configured in zone programming as a response type during the initial enrollment.

A user can program a desired detection range for the TX-2810-01-4. The detection range options include 33 feet, 66 feet and 98 feet. Although the mounting height is adjustable, a height of 10 feet will provide the furthest possible detection range. There is also an option for a pulse count of either 1 or 2 to adjust the device's sensitivity. Additionally, its field of view can be restricted using the device's included curtain sliders. These will block the sides of the field of view. The device uses CR123A batteries that will require replacements every three years or so depending on use.

The TX-2810-01-4 communicates at a frequency of 319.5 MHz. This makes the sensor compatible with all Interlogix Simon Systems and any Qolsys System with a compatible 319.5MHz daughtercard. The device can be readily auto-enrolled with a system and installed with relative ease. Although the device technically has an open air RF signal range of 500 feet away from the panel, placing the sensor within 100 to 200 feet from the system is ideal. Finally, the device includes a tamper cover for added security and protection. If anyone tries to physically disable the device, it will activate the tamper and send an alert to the system. This type of tamper trouble can be setup for text or email alerts from and/or phone calls if the system is monitored by a central station.

Brand: InterlogixGE Security

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Excellent Outdoor Motion Sensor!
Submitted on 10/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix TX-2810-01-4 is a wireless outdoor PIR motion sensor for 319.5 MHz systems. It features a large coverage area and some impressive features, making it a very useful sensor. These features include dual-passive detection sensors, a wide operating temperature range, an adjustable detection range, adjustable sensitivity, a protective UV lens, and an IP65 waterproof rating. However, it's battery life is only three (3) years expected, and its transmitting range isn't super impressive. All things considered, this sensor earns a 5-Star Rating.

There are so many things to like about the Interlogix TX-2810-01-4 Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor. The device uses dual PIR sensors to reliably respond to true motion sensor events. The TX-2810-01-4 will only activate if both sensors are triggered, which helps prevent false alarms. The sensor is waterproof and dust-tight with an IP65 rating. This makes it perfect for standing up to harsh outdoor elements. The detection range can be adjusted to 33 feet, 66 feet, or 98 feet depending on the needs of the user. Mounting the device from 10 feet high will provide the furthest detection range. You can adjust the pulse count to increase or decrease device sensitivity. The device can operate well in temperatures ranging from -13° to 149° Fahrenheit.

There are few downsides to the TX-2810-01-4, but we have a couple to mention. For one, the battery life is only three (3) years, which is not that long for a wireless sensor. And it uses multiple CR123A batteries, adding to the costs when battery changes are needed. The sensor can transmit from up to 500 feet away in an open air environment, which may not be enough for outdoor use. Interlogix actually recommends using the sensor from within 100 to 200 feet away from the panel, which results in a limited wireless range. Also the sensor only works with 319.5 MHz wireless systems, so you will need to make sure your panel is compatible.

We like the TX-2810-01-4 due to its strong features. These help it overcome its minor flaws.

Good: Lots of features, accurate motion detection, weatherproof

Bad: Limited Battery Life, Limited Range, Only for 319.5 MHz Systems

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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