Can a Tuxedo Touch control Leviton light switches?

If you're looking to control your Leviton light switches via a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch keypad, you may be in luck, depending on your Leviton switches.

The Tuxedo Touch is a very impressive Z-Wave controller. That means it will be able to control pretty much any Z-Wave devices, especially Leviton light switches.

Of course, the Tuxedo Touch won't be able to control all Leviton light switches - only Leviton Z-Wave light switches.

We recommend you first check our list of Leviton Z-Wave lights, to make sure your existing switch or dimmer is Z-Wave compatible and therefore controllable by your Tuxedo Touch.

Once you're sure you're working with a Leviton Z-Wave switch, you'll then need to pair the two devices and you'll be ready to set up scenes and rules!

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Thanks guys. If I have any luck I will post.
These types of multi-function devices may learn in but will have limited function. Again we have not tested so I cannot say for sure.
Unfortunately, we've never tested that device with the Tuxedo so we're not sure if it's compatible or not.
I am trying to add a VRCS4 MRZ to my tuxedo, but have had no luck so far. Do I need a usb programming stick or vrcpg remote or can I program it directly from the tuxedo?
Thanks for sharing Kerry! Did you use the USB programming stick or the VRCPG remote control? I would love to produce some more detailed FAQs on this type of setup. Thanks in advance!
Hello, I have a TUXWIFI on a Vista 21ip, and recently added a Leviton VRCS2-MRZ 2 Scene Controller and it works flawlessly.

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