NX-410-US-AT AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for Networx


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The Networx NX-410-US-AT is an AT&T LTE communicator for compatible Networx Panels. Compatible panels include the Networx 4V2, 6V2, 8V2 and 8E. The communicator will let a system connect with the servers for cellular monitoring service. Buy the Networx NX-410-US-AT from Alarm Grid.
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The Networx NX-410-US-AT AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator provides AT&T LTE connectivity for a compatible Networx Alarm Panel. The module will work with a Networx 4V2, 6V2, 8V2, or 8E System. Using this communicator will let the panel connect with for monitoring service.

Adding a cellular communicator is perhaps the most important upgrade you can make for you alarm system. Cellular communication is extremely reliable, as service almost never goes down or becomes unavailable. Using cellular connectivity with your system will help ensure that your signals always go through and that your monitoring service works as reliably as possible. Additionally, this is an AT&T LTE communicator, and AT&T has stated that they plan to support their LTE network well into the very distant future. This communicator will help ensure that your panel will remain monitored for many years to come. Please note that you will need a Gold Plan or higher to activate this module.

By using this communicator, you will be able to access the interactive service platform for controlling your system. This can be done remotely through the Mobile App. lets you arm and disarm your system, check current system status, control Z-Wave smart home devices, view ADC cameras and more. This communicator also effectively doubles as a Z-Wave controller so that you can start building a smart home network around your system. Popular Z-Wave devices include lights, locks, thermostats and more. You can set your Z-Wave devices on to activate based on a set schedule or with predetermined system events.


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