Qolsys IQ Card-PG 915

PowerG Daughter Card for IQ4 NS

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The Qolsys IQ Card-PG 915 is a daughter card for the IQ4 NS alarm panel. It allows for support of the PowerG wireless sensors. Buy yours from Alarm Grid, today.
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The Qolsys IQ Card-PG 915 is a PowerG daughter card for the IQ4 NS. It allows the IQ4 NS to support the long-range encrypted PowerG wireless sensors and the PowerG IQ Remote. The IQ4 NS can support one (1) PowerG card along with one (1) legacy SRF card. Legacy cards are available in Qolsys/GE/Interlogix 319.5, Honeywell/2GIG 345, or DSC 433 MHz frequencies.

The Qolsys IQ4 NS is a wireless alarm panel. The IQ4 NS has all the features of the IQ4 Hub, but it does not have a screen. It is well-equipped as an alarm panel and also as an automation controller. The IQ4 NS is available with or without a PowerG daughter card. The IQ4 NS has two (2) slots for wireless cards. The left slot is for legacy daughter cards and the right slot is for the PowerG card. This card is for those who choose to add PowerG support at a later time. All IQ4 NS panels connect with Alarm.com services. Manage the IQ4 NS from Alarm.com's interactive mobile app (Android or iOS) and the Alarm.com website.

Because of the benefits of PowerG sensors, they open up many possibilities. The PowerG wireless alarm sensors have some of the best range in the business, and they're encrypted. With PowerG support, you also get the option to add a wireless touchscreen. The IQ Remote PowerG becomes compatible with a PowerG card. The IQ Remote PowerG can add a keypad if you decide you'd prefer one later. It also can allow you to locate a keypad out in the open, while keeping the "brains" in a discreet location.

Besides this PowerG card, the IQ4 NS can also support one (1) legacy SRF daughter card. If you are looking for a legacy frequency, we have the 319.5 MHz, 345 MHz, and 433 MHz daughter cards for the IQ4 NS. Complete your setup in whichever way you like.

Brand: Qolsys

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