Qolsys IQ Card-345

Honeywell & 2GIG 345 MHz Daughter Card for IQ4 NS

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The Qolsys IQ Card-345 is a daughter card for the IQ4 NS alarm panel. It allows support of Honeywell & 2GIG wireless sensors. Buy yours from Alarm Grid, today.
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This is a 345 MHz daughter card for the Qolsys IQ4 NS (no screen). It provides support for Honeywell & 2GIG 345 MHz sensors. The IQ4 NS has all the features of the IQ4 Hub but it eliminates the touchscreen. The IQ4 NS will support only one (1) legacy SRF card (319.5, 345, or 433 MHz). This is compatible with or without the PowerG daughter card.

The IQ4 NS provides a solution for home automation and/or home security. It it loaded with features but reduces cost by not including a screen. Many users today prefer to control their systems with an interactive app, so the IQ4 NS doesn't make you pay for what you won't be using. The IQ4 NS uses Alarm.com's interactive services. This provides access, control, automation, and notifications via the Alarm.com app and the Alarm.com website. The Alarm.com mobile app is available on iOS and Android app stores. From Alarm.com, you can access every feature that would normally be available on a touchscreen keypad.

The Qolsys IQ Card-345 can support existing Honeywell/Resideo 345 MHz wireless sensors and 2GIG 345 MHz wireless sensors. This expands the capabilities of your alarm system. Use the IQ4 NS to expand an existing setup or as a brand new setup. Either way, you will have a feature-rich alarm and automation setup.

If you are looking to support a different legacy frequency, we also have 319.5 MHz and 345 MHz wireless daughter cards for the IQ4 NS. In addition to legacy daughter cards, the IQ4 NS will also support one (1) PowerG wireless daughter card. Installation of these daughter cards is a breeze. They install with little effort. The IQ4 NS has a left slot for the legacy daughter card and a right slot for the PowerG daughter card. Configure your IQ4 NS in just the way you like it.

Brand: Qolsys

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