System Sensor 5624

194°F Fixed Temp Heat Detector

System sensor 5624 194 degrees f fixed temp heat detector

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The System Sensor 5624 is a Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor that activates at 194°F. It does not include a rate of rise heat sensor. The sensor is best-suited for unusually hot areas when a standard smoke detector is not appropriate. By the System Sensor 5624 Heat Detector from Alarm Grid.
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The System Sensor 5624 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector will monitor homes and businesses for fires. It activates at temperatures of 194°F and higher, making it best-suited for areas that already feature higher than average temperatures. It is good for areas that can't use standard smoke detectors.

When an area has high levels of fine airborne particles or very high humidity, it's possible that false alarms can be caused on a photoelectric smoke detector. Heat sensors overcome this problem, as they won't result in false alarms. But since the 5624 activates at an unusually high fixed temperature, it should really be used in hot climates or buildings that have extremely high ambient temperatures.

Please note that there is no rate-of-rise sensor inside the 5624. This is somewhat unusual, as standalone heat sensors often include the feature. The device is a hardwired sensor, and it has a diameter of 4.57". Its base height is 1.69". The sensor weighs 6 ounces. Mounting hardware comes included.

Brand: System Sensor

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Thank you, I haven't seen any stand alone heat alarm except maybe a 135 deg one, I need the 194 for above my built in grill as there is a pergola above it. I will also be putting in a hood vent and the sides in between the grill and hood will be enclosed also. So it looks like I'm going to have to invest in an alarm panel also.
This is a wired sensor so it needs connected to panel to trigger an alarm. The portion of the FAQ that sates "Stand Alone" is comparing it to a stand alone smoke detector.
It says "Stand Alone". Does this have it's own alarm or does it need to be connected to an alarm panel?
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