When Should I Use a Heat Detector Instead of a Smoke Detector?

It is better to use a heat detector instead of a smoke detector when the area being monitored is not suited for a normal smoke detector. This includes areas where smoke may sometimes be present. Heat detectors are also used in dusty areas, where fine particles may trigger a smoke detector.

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In most cases, we recommend using a smoke detector over a heat detector. This is because a smoke detector will typically detect a fire more quickly than a heat detector. But in some areas, a smoke detector may not be appropriate. This may be due to the location of the room or the activities that frequently take place inside the room.

Rooms or spaces that have a tendency to get very dusty are often better suited for heat detectors than smoke detectors. This can include garages and attics where substantial dust and fine particles could potentially cause a smoke detector to activate and cause a false alarm. However, heat detectors will not experience this issue. For that reason, heat detectors are often used in these areas.

Heat detectors are also frequently used in locations where certain activities may cause a smoke detector to activate. For example, regular cooking activity in the kitchen could produce fumes that may cause a smoke detector to activate. With that in mind, heat detectors are typically used instead of smoke detectors in kitchens. Heat detectors are also commonly used in rooms where smoking is a regular activity.

When choosing a location for a heat detector, we recommend placing the device high up on the wall or on the ceiling. The device should be easily accessible, and it should not be blocked by any obstacles or objects. It should also be placed away from any vents or air ducts that may interfere with its normal function. Remember that some heat detectors are one-and-done and must be replaced once they are activated. You should only test a heat detector using a hair dryer if it is not a one-and-done device.

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