Bill W. from Merritt Island, FL

How easy was it to install the system yourself?

I wanted to have my system monitored but didn’t want to have to sign a contract for such service My system was not capable of this without a slight modification.  So I bought the 7847i internet device for my VISTA-20 security panel.

Alarm Grid was very helpful in talking me through the setup and helping me install the hardware.  It works perfectly and exceeds my expectations.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid?

I chose Alarm Grid because I did not want to sign a security contract.  Also, the reviews I found on the internet about the company were very good. When I found a customer posted review about the outstanding assistance received from Alarm Grid for installing the same system I wanted to setup, I was convinced Alarm Grid was for me.

Do you feel safer as a result of Alarm Grid monitoring your home?

I have peace of mind knowing my system will send me a text message to my cell phone if any sensor is triggered. The Total Connect system is really nice and easy to interface with. It’s nice being able to access it from any internet connection.

Did you have an Alarm System before?

My previous system was made by a competitor and was on a contract.  Once that contract expired, the company refused to release the hardware without an additional fee.  I had the panel changed at great cost.  Alarm Grid was able to remotely program it, saving me a lot of money. I’m planning to upgrade my existing system with video monitoring.

Did Alarm Grid help you during your installation?

I had to install additional hardware to allow my system to access the internet. Sterling Donnelly of Alarm Grid, worked with me over the telephone and was able to re-program my system to accept the internet connecting hardware (7847i).

My system was updated for this new device and all the previous hardware still functioned as it was supposed to.  I was very impressed at his knowledge and how easy it was to get my system online and setup for remote monitoring.