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We originally published this last year in December. Since we published it, the article has taken on a life of its own. We never intended for this to be a place where customers would leave reviews. But if you look at the comments, you will see that while many of our passionate customers have left reviews on the many popular review sites we list below, many others have left them right on this page, which is what happens sometimes on the internet: things that were never intended take on a life of their own. I also thought it was worth modifying this post a little bit since things have changed so much in the last year. Sure, we're a bit full of ourselves; we love it when our customers talk about us. And to that end, we've created a lot of ways for you to do just that. So, without further ado, I will list them below, and you can go ahead and take advantage of one or all of the opportunities you have to tell the world about your Alarm Grid experience!

Online Reviews

At Alarm Grid, we do our best to offer an incomparable product: great service, fast shipping, top-of-the-line monitoring. If you have ad an outstanding experience with us, we'd love for you to tell the world about it on one (or more) of the following sites. In exchange, you will get a handwritten thank you note (if we can find you), thanking you for your incredible, kind words.

If you don't like the idea of leaving Alarm Grid's site, you can go ahead and make a comment below, right here in this post. We appreciate the kind words, wherever they are posted.

Just as a side note. While we do our best to live up to a high standard of quality that we have set for ourselves, sometimes we fail. After all, we're only human. If you have had an experience with Alarm Grid that is less than wonderful, before you publish a tirade about it on the internet, we would love for you to send us an email to and let us know what we can do to make things better. We promise to be reasonable.


So you've had Alarm Grid's monitoring service for some time now, and you want to let the world know that you loved both the product and the service... right? Well, we don't want to get in your way. In fact, we will actually publish your experience right here on our site, and we'll pull out the most flattering quote too. So make sure to say things like, "Alarm Grid is first rate and cares about their customers!" or "The experience that I have had working with Alarm Grid has been absolutely fantastic…" or you might consider saying simply, "I don’t know how much better than this it can get".

All of these were comments and testimonials written by real Alarm Grid customers. We are proud of them, and would love to see many more of these get posted to the site. We really want to let others know that we aren't your average home security company... that said, we'll admit that we do bribe our customers for these testimonials. We give one free month of monitoring away to anyone who writes them and provides us with a picture.

If you want to participate, it's easy, though we do ask that you meet some minimum requirements: 1) you need to have been an Alarm Grid customer for at least 6 months, 2) you need to send us a photo of your home with an Alarm Grid sign in the yard (see current pictures for examples of what we're looking for), and 3) you need to answer at least 5 of the following questions with 3-5 sentence answers (you can make up your own questions too, we really just want to make sure that the testimonial tells a story, and isn't simply yes and no answers). When you're ready, go ahead and email with your answers to the questions and we will give you your coming month free.


  1. If you installed your system on your own, how easy was it?
  2. Why did you pick Alarm Grid over other monitoring companies?
  3. Do you feel safer as a result of Alarm Grid monitoring your house?
  4. How much money did you save by installing this system on your own?
  5. Did you use Alarm Grid's YouTube channel or extensive collection of Q&As to install your system?
  6. If you have home automation, let us know how you use it, and how your security system has improved your life by saving you money or just by doing something awesome that you figured out?
  7. What is your favorite part of your new Alarm Grid system? Do you love its sleek design? Its home automation capabilities? Does the fact that it says "Front door" when you walk into the house make you feel like you have a friend? Whatever it is, let us know!
  8. Did you have an Alarm System before? How does your new Alarm Grid security system compare to your old system?
  9. Why should other people consider Alarm Grid? What made your experience different with us than with any other company you've dealt with?
  10. If you have interactive services such as Total Connect, please talk about how that application has improved your alarm monitoring experience.
  11. Have you taken advantage of the homeowners insurance discount available to central station monitored customers? Talk about how that's been a great cost savings for you!
  12. Many of you have had the opportunity to experience Alarm Grid's incredible customer service. If you have had a great experience with Alarm Grid, tell us a little bit about it. How did we help you?


Thank you for the positive feed back
I had been with another alarm company for 15 years and wanted to be able to get remote arm/disarm capabilities. Other company said 3 year contract and $500. I did some research and came across Alarm Grid's YouTube page and my mind was made up. Every video I came across was super helpful. I was able to learn that I could upgrade the PROM chip from my 15 year old system that I didn't even know could be upgraded. I then learned about the dual path Internet and cellular communicators and made up my mind since their videos were so helpful that I wanted to give them my monitoring business. I spoke with Jorge from technical support planning to confirm my needs before placing my order. Dylan got my new monitoring account all setup and tested. Overall has been a great experience from start to finish. Do your self a favor and go with Alarm Grid. Not with just their products but their monitoring and amazing tech support!
All around Awesome! For starters, we had a complicated existing setup and Griffin was excellent at helping us select the right upgrades that made the best use of as much of our existing equipment as possible. Shipping was super-fast, with one order arriving in less than 24 hours. Once it came time for setup, we scheduled the appointment, Griffin called right on time and went above and beyond with pulling the existing program off the old board and then reconfiguring it for the new one. A few hours later after I had swapped the board, Griffin called back to push the program over and confirm the setup. I had a few questions and Griffin was very helpful and attentive to the details. He made a complicated install easy and was great to work with. I also love the detail provided after setup like getting the phone numbers that the central station will call from so that we can add them as contacts to our phones. This reduces the chance of ignoring an important call from the central station. Total Connect 2.0 is easy to use and has great functionality. This level of service is excellent and I love that the AlarmGrid team is just a call, chat or email away if we ever need help troubleshooting or adding new equipment. My previous provider had to schedule a service call for everything and often had to be called multiple times to get help. Overall, I would recommend AlarmGrid to anyone no matter how complex or simple your situation. The knowledge, support and professionalism is remarkable.
Hi Jenn, I'm so glad you found your way to Alarm Grid, and that you were able to get your system setup. I find that when you set the system up yourself, you're more comfortable with it, and more likely to use it as it should be used. I passed your kind words on to Darrell. Thanks for joining the Alarm Grid family!
My experience setting up a system with Alarm Grid has been the best. They guided me every step of the way when I had to set up a new system. Their customer service and expertise Is one of a kind. If I had to recommend a security company to a friend or need it again myself I would go with Alarm Grid because they enabled me to take care of the set up with their guidance. Special kudos to Darrell Griffin for his customer service.
We're so glad to hear you've been pleased Jody and it was a pleasure working with you again yesterday!
I installed the system myself. Start to finish and it was really easy after watching the YouTube videos with Sterling walking through each component of the installation methodically. I am pretty limited mechanically and less capable when it comes to computers. When I needed help with the final configuration, I called tech support and who answers? No one other than Sterling himself. Really? I felt like I already knew him and my familiarity probably came off strange for him. Twenty minutes on the phone and system worked perfectly for a year and a half. Fast forward and I somehow lost my cell communications. I spent half an hour on the phone with Alarm Grid and it was decided my cell card went bad. I ordered a new one, installed and powered up the system and call for configuration. Who answers the phone? Sterling. The guy I half super human when it comes to these alarm systems. Honestly, I feel like I have a partnership with Alarm Grid. It is as seamless as any tech support relationship ever wanted to be. Cable companies and computer programmers take note... these guys have it down to a science and I couldn’t offer a better recommendation. Thank you Sterling and Alarm Grid. Expectations exceeded... again.
If the system is currently armed and you have tried the default Master Code (1234) and the default Installer Code (4112) and neither are disarming the system, your only options are to try to brute force a disarm by trying all codes from 0000 to 9999 or to contact the old owners or old monitoring company to see if they have the existing code. If they don't and you don't want to go through brute forcing the code, we recommend replacing the system with a new LYNX Touch or Lyric panel available online at
Just bought a house with the honeywell 5100 I plugged it in the alarm is set. Do not have the master code. So after trying the default code (did not work) I unplugged the speaker. Looked online to see if I could find something but couldn't. Wife calls and forget that I have it plugged in. About an hour later police are at the door. How do I reset my system?
We're so glad you found us and have enjoyed working with us. We certainly enjoyed working with you and greatly appreciate your business!
Was looking for someone to help me upgrade my system seemed silly to was all the existing wiring and sensors. The figured out how to upgrade the Vista 15p so now I can use the zwave stuff and also cellular monitoring. Very good experience.
Thank you Isaac, for the kind words. It was a pleasure to assist.
We really appreciate the feedback Isaac! It was a pleasure working with you during the activation. I look forward to working with you again at some point.
I am thrilled to have come across the team at AlarmGrid. Reflected my enthusiasm in a blog entry - thx for making it work for me!
Thank you for the kind words, Allan! We look forward to working with you in getting your communicator and monitoring service setup. You have my email if you have any other questions...
I Just contacted Frank in Teck support at Alarm Grid and was so impressed I just had to share my experience. Frank took the time to understand my issue and not only guided me on how to connect at GSMX4G to my Vista 20P, but he also educated me on alternative options such as the iGSMV4G and the benefits it provided! I am not only going to have my Alarm monitored through Alarm Grid, but I will be quick to recommend them to friends (and even Frank, sorry if you get an influx of phone calls).
Thank you Joseph! It was my pleasure working with you to get things started. We look forward to servicing your alarm system!
I recently had the privilege of working with Frank Longo during our most recent system deployment. His patience, depth and breadth of technical acumen, and charisma were all outstanding. This was our first engagement with AlarmGrid, and one made excellent by Frank. I can't thank Frank and his team enough. Sincerely Josef Martinez Dallas, TX
Thank you so much for the glowing review Randy. We are so glad to hear that you are pleased with your service so far. As always, let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.
I recently setup a second system to be monitored by Alarm Grid and am perfectly satisfied with the service. Both Sterling and Frank were very helpful, knowledgeable and extreamly patient as they walked me through the setup. I've been using Alarm Grid for over a year with no issues at all and am able to monitor two systems with one account.
I found Alarmgrid while searching for various alarm system components. I ended up deciding to go with a Vista 20P system. I am in the process of installing it, and have been pleasantly surprised with all of the friendly help I have received from Alarmgrid. I have had so many chats with Connie that I now start them with, "Hi Connie." She's always very helpful and finds the answers to the questions I have. Although I haven't yet signed up for service (my installation is not complete), I plan on using Alarmgrid based on the online experience I have had thus far. Job well done!
I contacted Alarm Grid for help in programming my Honeywell L5100 to recognize my hard wired external siren. I spoke with Sterling who was very helpful in solving my problem and walked me through the steps to program my panel. He is quite knowledgeable and patient. My problem was solved in a matter of minutes. Also, the videos online are very helpful too for the DIYS'ers. I give Alarm Grid 5 stars for customer service!
Technicians are both knowledgable and helpful.
Thanks for the very kinds words Michael!
After being (and still am) in the Alarm industry for over 18 years I've seen allot of changes take place over the years in ALL companies! As with anything "Technology based" like Security/Alarm Systems, I really feel we've hit a major change now that is going to be the future of the way we all use our Alarm/Security Systems. These newer systems are so much much advanced and can do so much compared to their old school counterparts, coupled with the fact the Technology of WiFi, Internet, Cell Tower communications that one can simply "SELF MONITOR NOW" their own system, remotely control their systems from afar all through their Smart Phones or Mobile Tablets, etc.. The need for the old days of relaying on that old famous 3 year high priced over rated not needed anymore "Contracts" are nearly a thing of the past for "Most end users". Though self monitoring is still not for EVERYONE, it is a great option for those that just want to know and control their Alarm system in real time remotely and get simple SMS Text or E-Mail alerts if or when someone was to break in, tamper with, arm, disarm their system. YES, It's seriously that simple now thanks to the fine folks at Alarm Grid :) not to mention their are NO CONTRACTS to worry about or sign, and the pricing starting as low as only $10.00 a month this is a no brainer at this point in time. Alarm Grid is an AWESOME Company, I've been using their simply service for over 5 months now without a single problem or missed text alert a full history of all events, etc.. of what I consider the best new school Wireless Alarm panels to date, starting with the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100, 5200, or the newest most elaborate system out their, the brand new Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000! Alarm Grid makes setup a breeze, simple, fast, and is most cases can you up and running in only minutes after you self install the very easy to install and program Honeywell systems. Alarm grid also supports other top brand name systems as well (I am just partial to Honeywell) But other name brands like GE Simon, DSC, 2 Gig, and others can be used too :) Who wants to be locked into a 3 year contract, paying sometimes 10 times over in 3 years what the system is even worth brand new? Not me!... This new school way of Self Monitoring is the Future like it or not, The days of the "Big Boy Alarm contract based companies days are numbered. All this new Technology is so much better, cheaper per month, put's YOU in complete TOTAL CONNECT control and not a 3rd party company that only cares about your money! Alarm Grid is your one stop shop and service, period. :) They can configure your system and tailor it to exactly how YOU want it to run, down to the smallest or largest of details. I give Alarm Grid 10+ stars on a scale from 1-10.
Much appreciated Wale! We look forward to servicing and monitoring your alarm system. Let us know how you like the Total Connect service.
Frank is awesome. Great service
Kathy - It was my pleasure to assist you with your L5100 LYNX Touch alarm system. Feel free to reach out with any further questions. Thank you very much for the feedback!
Brad - Thanks so much for the feedback. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to express your feelings about Alarm Grid. We work hard to offer the type of service you have experienced and it makes us all very proud to read comments like yours!
Watch video by Sterling on how to install WIFI and ZWAVE to my LYNX 5100 security system. Purchase the z-wave and wifi module install with no issue thanks to Sterling step by step video. Was having problem connecting to my wireless router. Called Alarm Grid and Frank assisted me with the setup. Wish I had brought the system and install myself because the few minutes I spend talking with Frank was more helpful then my alarm company has been in the past 2 years. Thank you for top notch customer service even though I was not alarm grid customer clearly did not matter.
I can't say enough good things about the people and service at Alarm Grid. Upon deciding we wanted to outfit our home with an alarm, I started making phone calls (starting with the "major" companies) and soon found that they seemed more interested in making a buck than truly answering my questions and concerns. I'm the type of person who likes to know exactly what I'm buying and like to do research comparing all my options. After being disenchanted with a few of the larger companies, I started to do research on a self-install. Almost all of my google searches brought me to an article on Alarm Grid's website or a video on their YouTube channel. These articles helped me immensely in deciding the equipment I would need and the videos gave me a sense of comfort that I could install the system myself. After my research was done, I decided to give Alarm Grid a call to make sure I was going in the right direction. I spoke with Sterling and Frank numerous times and never once did they rush me off the phone or pressure me to buy the hardware or service from them. It seemed like they were truly interested in helping me get my questions answered. From there I decided to buy most of my equipment from them as the prices were competitve. I also ended up getting my monthly monitoring through them as they do not require a contract (the only place I found that doens't have a contract) and I felt confident that if anything went wrong, they would be able to provide the support to help me fix any issues I encountered. After odering the hardware, I started the install. I purchased the Honeywell Lynx 5100 and a few wireless sensors to go along with them and the install was super easy. I had existing wired sensors in my home already and purchased a wired to wireless conversion module so I would still be able to use a portion of my existing system (and save $ on having to buy new door/window sensors). I got stuck a few times on the install and every single time I called, either Sterling or Frank were able to perfectly troubleshoot the issue. I've now had monitoring for a few months and have had zero issues. Total Connect is an awesome service, I can basically manage my alarm over the internet, get alerts to my phone and email whenever there's been a breach, and can arm and disarm my system from my phone. It's super convenient and very well priced in my opinion. I don't normally take the time to write reviews of any company. But in this case, I felt that I received such exceptional service and that Alarm Grid truly stands out from it's competitors. I did a ton of research, talked to a ton of different companies, which led to a ton of frustration. It wasn't until I found Alarm Grid that the pieces came together. My brother had the same exact experience with them and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending their services to any of my friends or family.
Thank you for the kind comments Lee. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with us and we look forward to a long relationship as well!
I want to thank Alarm Grid and Sterling for the quick and painless setup of monitoring of my new Business alarm system. It is a complex system which Sterling easily had communicating in less than 30 minutes.He offered tips on ease of use and fixed my configuration where I messed up. He was very knowledgeable on my Vista 128FB. He walked me through Total Connect and explained in detail all my touch points. It was very refreshing talking to someone who cared as much about my setup as me. I look forward to a long relationship with Alarm Grid.
If you've done any serious researching on doing a DIY alarm system, you have to agree that these guys at Alarm Grid built their business the right way. (offer practical help to the DYI person in the form of instructional video for FREE, and hope that the consumer will continue with them on the monitoring side) I used to work in the video surveillance industry and I fully appreciate the technical expertise offered through the videos and through the connection process for getting their monitoring service. In case you just started researching, save yourself a lot of time and choose Honeywell gear and Alarm Grid.
I've worked with a number of vendors/suppliers and I don't think I have ever experienced one as thorough, patient, and helpful as Alarm Grid. I've been extremely satisfied each time I called them. I purchased a DIY alarm system that has very little documentation and the folks at Alarm Grid are clearly experts and take the time to thoroughly explain the details and make recommendations. Their support has taken the complexity out of a DIY system. Great job and it's a pleasure doing business with you.
My customer service experience with Sterling at Alarm Grid last week was above expectations. I did a DIY installation with a Vista 20P and a GSMV. After several phone calls with Sterling I finally got it right. He was very understanding and patient since I was a novice at doing this. He basically did all the programming for the system and got Total Connect up and running in no time at all. I did a lot of internet research and Alarm Grid is the way to go.
Great customer service! I called alarmgrid to setup Total Connect. Less than 1 hour later and a couple of e-mails and everything was working great. I ordered a few accessories for my Lynx L5100 and was actually going to buy something I didn't need. The young man on the phone quickly pointed out that I didn't need one of the items. Saved me time and money! Thanks AlarmGrid!
Thanks Joshua. I will give you guys a call early next week if that works for you. Let me know if you need me to schedule a time, or just call.
Thanks Alex! We appreciate the consideration. Please give us a call tomorrow. Feel free to speak to anyone on the team or you can ask for me specifically, if you'd like. We would be happy to speak with you about anything you'd like to know.
Hi Joshua, I am with the team at and we'd be interested in learning more about Alarm Grid and potentially adding your DIY solutions to our reviews and sharing your product with our readers. Please let me know if you'd be open to me asking you some questions and gathering feedback. Thanks, Alex
I too like others called with a couple questions as we had older Ademco hard wired control panel 6150 and Sterling answered a few questions about motion sensors. As many have said the programming of the older systems need codes and access and external keypads etc.. thus a service call was needed for changes etc.. I became intrigued by the new technology and ordered the lynx touch L5100. It sat around a few weeks before i got it out and played around some and did some reading. As the home user can get in and add sensors and customize etc.. This has become a small hobby now for me as I have updated and and added Zwave module and successfully added a Zwave control to turn on garage lights before we get home. I have never even heard of Z wave before the Alarm Grid site. Every time I called with a question Frank or Sterling were able to walk you through it step by step. They have a lot of videos that also helpful and available to anyone via Youtube or the site you learn how to use the system and install sensors and many other great tips. I am now using them for monitoring and excited to be able to control some home automation away from home as well as at home. Because I still have a hard line phone for our own business I went with Wifi with landline backup so I can use the total connect. again Great service and value. No contracts and better monitoring pricing. Cant wait to refer my daughter when her contract is up as it will save quite a bit.
We have our service through another company and I purchased 2 additional key fobs to use with it. I could not figure out how to program them so I googled their make and model online and found this company, Alarm Grid. I emailed them and Sterling emailed me right back; said to pick a time and day and he would call and walk me through it. Which he did; it was pretty complicated, I could never have done this on my own. And my service company would have charged a substantial amount for a service call. He was very professional and walked me throughout the process and made it all seem simple. Our contract with our current company expires in May; I will definitely be looking to change to Alarm Grid.
Customer service at Alarm Grid is simply outstanding; this is what sets them apart from other companies offering the same products. I can state this with utmost confidence as I've used other companies for monitoring services in three previous homes and none of them come close. After moving into our current home which did not have any security system in place I decided to install one myself. I chose to install a wired system and after getting everything in place I contacted Alarm Grid and we went online with the monitoring. Sterling has been most helpful with assisting me in setting-up and programming the system and troubleshooting a factory-defective cellular communicator and quickly sent a replacement unit. I'd highly recommend Alarm Grid to any friends or family wishing to install a security system for their home.
We really appreciate the kind words Derek and we are happy to have made your alarm installation easier. Please let us know if you ever need anything else.
Yes, I am a IT guy and reading technical manual is a walk in the park for me... But these alarm toys (Vista 21ip, Tuxedo Touch, KeyFob, etc) are more than just that. Information is scattered, confusing and contradicting when you have to read more than just one manual. It is just not worth my time for doing just ONE install. You need Alarm Grid. Once you are done with the wiring and connected to the Internet, Sterling helped to do the rest. Their site has so much INTUITIVE info that helps making decision what to buy so easy. Sterling, I am your life-long customer now and I will add z-wave and cameras to my Tuxedo later.
Excellent Customer service, i swapped out my panel with IP (21ip) and they were great even programmed in all the zones for me which saved me a lot of time doing it on the panel. They called at the time i requested and fully made sure everything was working. Then i accidentally set the alarm and received a call. All set up and great value.
The initial experience with Alarm Grid is among the best that I have had. I received a callback promptly after calling their toll-free number. Communication was first-rate, with timely e-mails and phone calls. Mr. Donnelly possesses in-depth knowledge of security hardware and internet connectivity. He also leverages his relationship with Honeywell technical support effectively and provides a flexible approach to meeting non-typical customer security requirements. In this age of internet anonymity, it is refreshing to receive a customer-centric approach to product delivery, service, and support.
This company rocks...never thought learning about the most recent technology in alarm system would be possible in a few minutes. It is... now that I know there are people and company (Alarm Grid) that are so dedicated to service and our security.
Ditto. I had three companies in to give me a price and they were all a lot more for a lot less system. Two of them were going to use the Honeywell L5100. Two of them wanted a three year contract. That didn't seem right. I poked around on the internet and found AlarmGrid and bought the Honeywell L5100. I'm fairly handy and had no trouble installing it and programing lots of sensors. Maybe I went a little overboard but it was so easy. I had to drive to the hardware store to by a 3/4 inch drill bit to install a door sensor. that was the most work I had to do. When it came time to activate the monitoring service Alarm Grid remoted into the system and checked my programing. They made a couple of minor changes and I was good to go. I'm signed up for Total Connect. So far everything has gone very smoothly. This really couldn't have been easier.
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I don't usually take the time to write reviews but I thought to take a moment here and do one - more than anything because it is well deserved! I ordered a simple part and they were right there in the chat to instantly answer my questions! It was apparent right away that Alarm Grid is completely Customer Service driven - that is not something so easily found nowadays, especially on the web! I have also watched their self help installation videos on YouTube which are so perfectly done! I highly recommend Alarm Grid, they offer Outstanding Customer Service - Thank You!
I first contacted Alarm Grid to help with a problem I was having during my setup. Mind you I had not purchased my system through them but Sterling still took the time to email and even offered to call me when it was convenient for me. He then proceeded to walk me through the solution and set up of TotalConnect. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase or set up their own alarm system.
Sterling is the one to talk to he is the only one I will talk to. He is very helpfull in any aspect and will not quit untill the issue is solved Thank's Sterling Springfield Illinois
I don't think I can say enough nice things about AlarmGrid and Sterling. Little background first. I just built a room addition on my home and it's basically three sides of nothing but windows. It's a security nightmare. The room is at the back of the house and we live in a secluded area away from the road and neighbors. On top of that I'm a firefighter that works a 24hr. shift so I'm away from home every third day for the whole day. I wanted something that would protect the home while we were away of course but more so when I'm gone but the rest of the family was home. I investigated alarm systems and settled on the Honeywell L5100. A couple of local places installed the L5100 and I had one come out and do a site inspection. He wanted almost twice the price for the system compared to AlarmGrid and exactly twice to monitor it for the 2yr. contract. While I consider myself fairly competent with technology I was a little hesitant doing the install for something so important and almost went with the local company but I just couldn't get the fact it was twice the cost and being locked into a 2yr contract out of my mind. I ended up going with a DIY solution and bought all the things I needed from AlarmGrid. It was a painless decision and was a breeze to install. Sterling kept me informed and I called him on a Saturday and went through the activation of the system and within an hour I was monitored. He's a great guy to deal with and that is a lot in this day and age. Again I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AlarmGrid to anyone.
Thank you - AlarmGrid. Thank you - Sterling Donnelly. I'm very far from Vietnam and this is very new to me but with you help I understand more and to to control by myself. You are the best customer service I 've met before. Thanks again and best regards, Dang Ngoc Khanh
Sterling and Joshua rock with the best customer service in the business. They offer quality products, great prices and outstanding service. Keep up the great work!
Thanks so much Bella for the incredible compliment. I'm glad Sterling was able to help you!
Great customer service. I spoke to Sterling today. Very knowledgable, walked me through all the steps. It was my first experience with Honeywell Security system, with Sterling's help I was able to reprogram the whole system. Great job! Bella T. Brooklyn, NY