Honeywell 4GL

3G (GSM) Communicator for the LYNX Touch, WIreless Security System

Honeywell 4gl 4g gsm communicator for the lynx touch wireless se

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The Honeywell 4GL is the communicator for the L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch security systems. For those who need a 4G communicator to work with their AUI Honeywell keypad, this is what you need.

This product is not sold by Alarm Grid at this time. As an alternative, we recommend:


The Honeywell 4GL communicator is Honeywell's newest communicator. It works with Honeywell's latest AUI, LYNX Touch keypads, the L5200 and the L7000. While the GSMVLP5-4G communicator will work with the L5200, it is incompatible with the L7000. On the other hand, the 4GL will work with both units and is included with all 3G wireless, Honeywell security systems offered by Alarm Grid.

Installation of the communicator is very simple. Simply open the LYNX Touch system the system from the top by depressing the tabs and pulling it open. Insert the included circuit board into the 4GL (it doesn't matter which way so long as the metal teeth are pushed tightly into the communicator itself). On the left side of the panel's circuit board there is a small insert where the other side of the communicator's teeth can fit into. Simply line up the teeth, insert the unit and use the included screws to tighten it down.

This unit can be installed in conjunction with the L5100-WIFI which fits on the edge connector on the right side as you face the panel, as well as with the L5100-ZWave unit which fits on the edge connector to the left, which, in the case that the 4GL is installed, would fit underneath the unit on the left side of the circuit board. This unit CANNOT be installed in conjunction with the the iLP5 hardwire ethernet communicator.


If you press Security > More > Tools > enter your Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Comm Diagnostics > GSM Information, what do you see on that screen?
I live in the Philippines and have the Honeywell 7000 installed. How will the GSM work for me here and what features can you provide for me? I have the WIFI and GSM modules installed in my 7000 unit with monitors for all doors and windows. Thank you.
thank you!
Yes, if you access Comm Diagnostics from the panel programming (Security > More > Tools > enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Comm Diagnostics), then you can hit GSM Information and the signal strength is displayed on the 'RSSI' line with a number of asterisks. Typically, you'd want to see at least 2 if not 3 or 4.
how do you check signal strength of the L5210? Is there a way to see how many reception bars you have?
Or you can use one of the internet communicators (L5100-WIFI or ILP5).
Unfortunately, AT&T is the only cellular provider for the Honeywell cellular communicators as of right now. However cell phone signal strength is not always the best way to gauge cellular signal for an alarm system. The cell phones require higher bandwidth and have much smaller antennas. If you would like to try our no contract service we can activate the SIM and verify signal strength before moving forward.
What if AT&T cell phone service does not work well in my current location?
Also, all L5200/L7000 panels do support APL.
As long as the panel rev supports the APL feature, you can use it with GSM, WIFI, or ILP5.
On the Lynx 5200/7000 devices, do you need to have GSM monitoring to protect against Smash & Grab? I read something on another site stating this was the case. Does WiFi monitoring not support protection against Smash & Grab (Advanced Protection Logic - APL)?
The units have their own cellular provider, which is usually AT&T in the United States.
Does this work with Verizon Wireless?
Yes, in fact you should use the SIM that's included in the device. We simply activate that SIM for you when activating the account.
Can I use the sim card that came with my unit on Amazon to use your monitoring service?
Yes, the unit does include a SIM card.
Does the SIM card come with the 4GL 3G (GSM) Communicator for the LYNX Touch 7000?
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