Eric H. from Lighthouse Point, FL

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

DISCLAIMER: I am one of the owners of Alarm Grid. I clearly am biased, but I am a client and pay the same price as anyone else. I encourage you to read on for my experiences...

Does Alarm Grid's Monitoring Make You Feel Safer?

Absolutely. Thank to the simplicity of my one-click key fob, you'll never see me leaving my house without a quick click to arm. I travel a lot of love the ability to remotely check using Total Connect to verify my house is still locked. Next up? I can't wait to install some cameras!

How Do You Like the Home Automation?

I am OBSESSED with the home automation my Honeywell L5100 provides. I use the thermostat and have several Z-WAVE light switches hooked up to set up great rules like raising the temperature and turning off all lights when set "armed away." The home automation has saved me hundreds of dollars during this hot Florida summer. Between that and letting me lazily turn off my lights from my phone in bed? I'll never go back.

What Do You Think About Total Connect?

I try not to, but I remember life before Total Connect and remote home automation. It was expensive. Very expensive. I once had a house guest who left the thermostat at 68 when they left my house. For two weeks, my house was left unattended at 68. I'm not sure if any of you out there have a house from 1958 in Florida, but let me tell you, they do not cool down to 68. Ever. Yeah, as you can imagine my air condition froze over and compressor eventually blew.

Well, that house guest was family and eventually returned for another stay. This time I was able to keep my creepy remote eye on him. And even freak him out with some flipping of the light switches.

Did you have an alarm system before?

In this house? No. Without a crawl space, installed a wired system would have been a disaster. Honestly, before getting alarm monitoring from Alarm Grid, I had the big boys out here and they all still wanted to do some hybrid wired / wireless system that would have left exposed wiring. Yuck. I passed at the time, despite knowing I needed a security system.

Alarm Grid introduced me to the incredibly reliable and fantastic L5100. It blows away the silly hardwired Brinks system I had in my last house. I never thought I could get so excited by an alarm system, but compare it to the dinosaurs you're used to and this is FUN.