A Honeywell Video Solution for Stampede Tack

Stampede Tack needed a way to protect their expensive, unique merchandise. Honeywell offered the perfect suite of products.

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Stampede Tack needed a way to protect their expensive, unique merchandise. Honeywell offered the perfect suite of products.


Everybody dreams of being a cowboy. Everybody grew up playing cowboys and indians, but for most people that never happened. Well you know what? you walk through the front door of my store... BOOM! boots everywhere. We can cmake you look like a cowboy. We’re 10,000 square feet of retail space. We like to have eyes on our store, on our merchandise, for occurences that may happen. It has happened in the past with shoplifting. We have been very fortunate with the break-ins that we are not in a high crime area, but within the last few months we were actually broken into. So, we need that footage. If you want any action by the police to have evidence tha tsomething happened.

Some of the concerns that Stampede Tack had was not only to monitor within the store and outside the parking lot for potential incidents of theft, but they also wanted to be connected to their business when they were out in the field doing business traveling .When you look around Stampede Tack, you’ll see honeywell cameras. What’s recording those cameras? And HRDV DVR. And what’s connecting ot those cameras from anywhere in the world? It’s the store owner using remote view or remote software that is provided with HRDV.

Currently we have 16 camers focused throughout the store. We carry cowboy boots that are value up to $900, saddles that are worth $2500 to $3500, so we want to make sure theose assets are protected.

This remote view App gives them the ability to check in, see how things are going at any time they want. If you want to use the app to view a single camera you look at a single camera, if you want to view multiple cameras at a time, you can see four cameras. If you’ve got a complement of 16 cameras, it’s easy, you jsut swipe the device and there are the cameras that you want to see. The remote access has really wrapped up the value of the security cameras in the store from my standpoint because as a business owner as a business manager you like to know what’s going on with you rbusiness even if you’re not there. So whether I”m vacationing with myf amily in Maui, or I’m in a business trip in denver, it doesn’t amtter. As long as I have my ipod touch, I just touch the icon and BOOM! I’ve got all 16 cameras from my store right there in front of me. Great resolution, and I can just have a quick look and its like I’m right there.

Having the ability to have the remote access is more important than anything else because its the livelihood of many people that is being protected and covered byt eh Honeywell surveillance system. It’s hard to measure that level of importance.