Honeywell IPCAM-WO

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Honeywell ipcam wo outdoor ip security camera

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The Honeywell IPCAM-WO is an outdoor IP security camera that integrates with AlarmNet’s Total Connect video service. The IPCAM-WO is usel...
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The Honeywell IPCAM-WO is an outdoor IP security camera that integrates with AlarmNet’s Total Connect video service. The IPCAM-WO is useless without a Total Connect account which you can get from any AlarmNet authorized dealer. You do not need a security system to use the IPCAM-WO however. If you simply want to be able to remotely view your property, all you need is a Total Connect video account, an AlarmNet security camera like the IPCAM-WO, the IPCAM-WI2 or the IPCAM-PT and a high speed internet connection. If you do happen to have an existing Honeywell security system with a Total Connect account, you can add the IPCAM-WO and upgrade your Total Connect account so that you will be able to remotely control your security system and view your property live from the same web based account.

Unlike the IPCAM-WI2 and IPCAM-PT security cameras, the IPCAM-WO can be installed outside making it a very unique camera. Many people like to keep an eye on their front porch to see who is at their door before opening the door. Also, people like to keep an eye on their yard and/or pool area. Whether you are checking to make sure your lawn is being maintained by your landscapers, or making sure your young children don’t accidentally fall into your pool, the IPCAM-WO allows you to keep an eye on your entire property. However, be sure to remember that the IPCAM-WO does require power using the included power transformer. Unfortunately, there is not typically an available outlet nearby where you would want to install your IPCAM-WO outside IP security camera. Therefore, the IPCAM-WO is not recommended for the average do-it-yourself installation. You will most likely need to hire an electrician to wire power to each of your IPCAM-WO cameras.

Once you have solved the issue of getting power to the Honeywell outdoor IP camera, you can connect the video camera to your internet service wirelessly. You will need a router with a WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) encryption button. If your router does not have a WPS button, you can also purchase a Honeywell WAP-PLUS which is a special wireless access point designed for providing wireless connectivity to all AlarmNet IP cameras. Of course, your wireless router must be able to broadcast a wide enough range to provide an adequate signal to each of your IPCAM-WO outdoor cameras. For a more stable connection, you can also wire an Ethernet cable from your cameras to your router.

Each Total Connect video account supports up to (6) cameras. You can use (6) IPCAM-WO outdoor security cameras or any mixture of IPCAM-WO, IPCAM-WI2 or IPCAM-PT cameras. Once the IP cameras are installed and the Total Connect account is established, you will be able to view the cameras from any web browser, Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad or iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ device. You will be able to view a single camera view or, if you have multiple security cameras, you will also be able to view multiple cameras at once. Of course, the field of view will be smaller when viewing multiple cameras. Your internet connection must be able to support approximately 768 Kbps of upload speed for each IPCAM-WO that you have installed. We highly recommend testing your internet connection with a website like before purchasing any AlarmNet video cameras. If you do not have the required speed, your camera connections will not be reliable.

Brand: Honeywell

How does the IPCAM-WO tie into my security do I get notifications if something has happened?
No, as far as we know, only the lens that comes with the IPCAM-WO can be used. We do expect a newer version of their outdoor camera to be released this year and perhaps it may offer a different field of view. We don't have much information on the upcoming newer camera though so we can't say for sure at this time but we will certainly be posting about it as more information is made available to us by Honeywell.
I have this outdoor camera, which works quite well, however, the field of view is not very wide. Do they sell fish eye lens that can be installed on this camera?
Ah, yes I see now. Welcome aboard! ;)
Yeap, I signed up for the self silver....!
I'm glad to hear it's going well and we're happy you found us! Did you see we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at
Thanks Sterling! I am half way thru the installation of the Lyric, so far so great. I think, I am going to follow up with the Skybell, and wait for the cameras later this year. What a great job your are doing with your company! Saludos,
This camera can be viewed from the Lyric and also ties in with Total Connect 2.0 but Honeywell plans to release an updated version of this camera later this year so you may want to hold out for that to be released first -
I need an outside camera for my new Lyric security system. Will this ones work? Or which ones do you recommend? Thanks,
Yes, it can record to a Total Connect 2.0 account if you are signed up for TC2 service. The recordings are limited to 10 second video clips and are triggered based off a change in pixelation.
can it record?
You can't view any cameras from the L5100 system but you can use the IPCAM-WO with Total Connect 2.0 service.
Hi I have a Lynx 5100 with Total Connect monitoring. Which Outdoor IP cam with Night Vision can I add to this panel?
Unfortunately, at this time, only the Honeywell IPCAMs listed at are compatible with the L7000. You can also use 3rd party analog cameras if you hook them up to the ACU -
sterling I would like to use a good camera for my L7000 the option that you guys have...don't like it and is not going to work in my house...can you provide me a list...of IP Cameras....that work with the L7000.... you have only 4 listed...
The IPCAM-WOPS (power supply for the IPCAM-WO) is rated for 12VDC 1A so in theory that could work but we've never tested it and I think an inverter that would let you actually plug in the supplied transformer would be better. If you do test it directly to the battery, we'd be interested to hear how it goes.
After reading the documentation it appears the camera is 12 volts. Can this be connected directly to a 12 volt battery system on a boat?
We like this camera but there are certainly many cameras on the market so it's hard to say if it's "good" or not. The AlarmNet IPCAMs (including the IPCAM-WO) are best used with Total Connect 2.0 service. If you want a camera that you can just integrate into the Tuxedo Touch, you may want to check out this list of compatible cameras -
I'm looking to add a camera to my Tuxedo Touch. I have Total Connect, but I've seen not so good reviews of the outdoor camera online. What experience can you give me? Has this camera been updated? Are there alternatives?
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