Honeywell IPCAM-WI2

Fixed IP Security Camera

Honeywell ipcam wi2 fixed ip security camera

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The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 is a fixed IP security camera supported by AlarmNet’s Total Connect service. You cannot use the IPCAM-WI2 without...
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The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 is a fixed IP security camera supported by AlarmNet’s Total Connect service. You cannot use the IPCAM-WI2 without first signing up for an AlarmNet video service account. If you already have a Honeywell security system, and you are using the Total Connect service to remotely control your system, you can integrate your IPCAM-WI2 security camera with the same Total Connect account. From your Total Connect web based account or smartphone application, you will be able to turn your security system on or off and remotely view your property. The IPCAM-WI2 can also be used as a standalone video surveillance system if you don’t have an existing Honeywell security system. The fixed IP camera does not physically integrate with any security system so anyone with high speed internet service can use the IPCAM-WI2 to keep an eye on their home or business.

The Honeywell IPCAM-WI2 has a white enclosure but you can also choose the IPCAM-WI2B if you would rather have a black video camera. Each IPCAM-WI2 or IPCAM-WI2B includes (1) fixed IP security camera, (1) camera stand, (1) camera antenna and (1) power transformer. In addition to the Total Connect video account, you will also need a high speed internet connection to be able to view your IPCAM-WI2. Each security camera on your Total Connect account will require approximately 768 Kbps of upload speed. We recommend testing your network using a site like to ensure you have adequate upload speed. While a IPCAM-WI2 will work with less upload speed than 768 Kbps, the quality of the streaming video will be reduced. You should reduce the video camera resolution and/or frame rate if you do not have adequate upload speed for best results.

Installation of a IPCAM-WI2 fixed IP security camera is very easy. You can use a wired connection to your router or you can utilize the WiFi feature of the IPCAM-WI2 to wirelessly connect to your router. If you choose the wired connection, you will need to connect an Ethernet cable from an open port on your router to the LAN connection on the back of the Honeywell IP camera. You should not apply power to the camera using the power transformer until after connecting the Ethernet cable. If you want to use the wireless video connection, your router must feature WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) and have a WPS encryption button. If your router does not have a WPS encryption button, you will need to also order a Honeywell WAP-PLUS to connect your IPCAM-WI2 wirelessly to your home network. The WAP-PLUS is a wireless access point that wires into your router and provides easy wireless connectivity to all AlarmNet IP security cameras.

Once you are signed up for a Total Connect video account and you have installed your IPCAM-WI2 video cameras, you will be able to view your home or business from any computer or smartphone that has an active internet connection. Each Total Connect video account supports up to (6) AlarmNet security cameras. You can use any mixture of IPCAM-WI, IPCAM-PT, and IPCAM-WO as long as you do not exceed (6) total cameras. The Total Connect video service allows you to stream live footage of your home or business. You can also set up your Total Connect video account to grab short video clips every time motion is detected by the IPCAM-WI2. The (10) second video clips are stored on your web based account and can even be sent instantly to your email so that you know as soon as someone is on your property.

Brand: Honeywell

The camera(s) can record 10 second video clips which would be triggered based on pixelation changes in the field of view of the camera. Each TC2 account stores roughly 100 clips. You can also send the clips to your email as each new clip is recorded so that you can store much more than 100 clips.
It says video is stored online. How much time and for how long is video stored. Can I go back 2 or 3 days and view video or we talking hours of stored video?
The panel supports most Z-Wave lights (switches, plug-in modules and receptacles), locks, thermostats, water valves and sirens. It won't work with cameras or Z-Wave sensors. You need to use Honeywell 5800 Series wireless RF sensors and their IP cameras.
So the z-wave functionality is useful for switches and sensors only?
Unfortunately, no Z-Wave cameras would be supported by the L7000. The only cameras you can use with the L7000 are the AlarmNet IPCAMs found at
What Z-wave cameras if any will work with the L7000? I have several HRGX Series DVRs with multiple cameras but I was curious about the Z-wave option on my L7000.
If the L7000 panel has an L5100-WIFI module installed and connected to your router, you would be able to view AlarmNet IPCAMs that are connected to that same network from the panel without any service required.
Installing a L7000 security panel. If I install wireless cameras, can I view the video on my L7000 without connecting to total connect
Can you view live video from the Tuxedo keypad locally? If so, you should be able to view it remotely using port forwarding.
Hi, I have a question. I have a tuxedo touch(non wi-fi), and an ipcam-wi2. The camera was a breeze to setup and get linked to the tuxedo. I can view video when im on my local network via iphone, laptop, etc. My tuxedo is port forwarded so that I can access my z-wave features and keypad remotely. My question is, what do I need to do to be able to view my one attached honeywell ipcam remotely without having to add the video option to my total connect account. Please email me at I would be willing to pay a fee for your time to help me set this up. Thanks
No, they do not. The IPCAM-WL is a low light camera though.
Do you know if these have night vision?
No, at this time we have not found or heard of a Z-Wave garage door controller that would work with the Tuxedo.
Any z wave to control my garage door from a Tuxedo Touch System by Honeywell
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