Honeywell IPCAM-PT

Pan/Tilt IP Security Camera

Honeywell ipcam pt pan slash tilt ip security camera

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The Honeywell IPCAM-PT is a pan/tilt IP security camera that allows you to remotely view your property from any computer with web access ...
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The Honeywell IPCAM-PT is a pan/tilt IP security camera that allows you to remotely view your property from any computer with web access or from any iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® or Android™ device. You can even view your IPCAM-PT from a Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WiFi touchscreen keypad. Unlike the IPCAM-WI2, which is a fixed IP camera, the IPCAM-PT allows you to pan the view left and right and tilt the view up and down. The pan/tilt feature is great for covering a room that is larger than the standard view of the camera.

You cannot use the IPCAM-PT unless you sign up for AlarmNet’s Total Connect video service. While Total Connect is known as an interactive service for Honeywell security systems, it can also be used with the AlarmNet video cameras even if you don’t have a security system. As a standalone video surveillance service, your Total Connect account provides you with the ability to view live video footage of your home or business. You can even remotely look around the room as the IPCAM-PT has the pan/tilt feature. If you set up video notifications, you can have the security camera send you emails and/or text messages every time the IPCAM-PT detects motion. The video camera looks for a change in the pixelation of the view of the camera to detect motion and the motion detection is programmable for sensitivity. You can even have the notification email include the actual (10) second video clip of whatever triggered the clip so that you know what is happening as it happens.

If you do happen to have a Honeywell security system and you already have a Total Connect account, you can upgrade your Total Connect account to include the video service if you want to add the IPCAM-PT security cameras. While the cameras aren’t technically integrated with the security system, you will be able to view your property from the same web based account or application that you use to arm or disarm your security system. Keep in mind that you can only connect up to (6) AlarmNet video cameras to your Total Connect account.

The Honeywell IPCAM-PT does require power so you will need to install it near a standard wall outlet. The power transformer used to power the camera is included with each IPCAM-PT. You can connect the camera to your internet network wirelessly however. You will need a router that has WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) and a one touch WPS encryption button. If your router does not have a WPS encryption button, and you want to use the WiFI feature of the IPCAM-PT, you should get a Honeywell wireless access point (WAP-PLUS). The WAP-PLUS is designed to work with all AlarmNet video cameras and provides wireless connectivity between the camera and your wireless router. Of course, if you are able to easily run an Ethernet cable between your IPCAM-PT and your router, you can also establish connection that way. While running the Ethernet cable can be tricky, a wired connection is typically more stable than a wireless connection.

Before ordering a Honeywell IPCAM-PT and signing up for a Total Connect video service account, you should verify that your internet speed is adequate. You will need 768 Kbps upload speed for each AlarmNet security camera connected to your account. This is a fairly high requirement so make sure to check your bandwidth on a site like If you do not have adequate upload speed, your video will be choppy. You can reduce the resolution of the camera and the frame rate as well to make the quality of the streaming video better, but the best fix is to upgrade your internet bandwidth to the required speed.

Brand: Honeywell

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