Adding an External Keypad to the Interlogix Simon XT

Adding an External Keypad to the Interlogix Simon XT

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Interlogix Simon XT
Wireless Security System
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Interlogix 60-924-RF-TS - Talking Touch Screen for Simon XT & XTi
Interlogix 60-924-RF-TS
Talking Touch Screen for Simon XT & XTi

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hi di wires happy Halloween Joel from alarm grid here and today we're going to show you how to program and your Simon talking touchscreen keypad to assignment xt system now we have this Simon keypad right here and what you're going to notice is if you've seen a Simon XTi or xti 5 it actually has the same user interface it's a great keypad to use it's compatible with all the Simon panels the xti the XT or the X di v one nice thing about the keypad though for your XT is that this is going to give you that touchscreen interface and it's also going to let you directly control a z-wave door lock or light that's on the system you can get z-wave functionality on your Simon XT if you install an alarm comm module in the panel as that has a z-wave controller on it and if you do have that you'll probably want one of these keypads just so you can control those two functions it's not super advanced and it's not going to give you access to all your different z-wave devices but it is nice having those features out on the keypad itself now enrolling it into the system is really easy we're going to program it in as another security sensor the only thing about the keypad is you have to set the sensor group we recommend setting it to zero as that's easy to remember but if you pull up the manual there's a few different sensor group numbers that you can program it in as so the first thing we have to do is get into sensor learn mode on our Simon XT I'm gonna hit the down arrow until we say until we see programming system programming and then okay and then the four-three-two-one default installer code to get into it now if I press down I'm gonna see an option that says sensors hit OK and then learn sensor right here this is what we want we have to hit OK to initiate it though so now the system is in learn mode and it's waiting for us to trip a sensor on our keypad we're gonna hit the gear and then we're gonna hit the down arrows until we see a specific menu option that says installer use only a clearing and roll when I hit this button it should learn it into the system and we did as you can see it did see or it did hear the keypad it says sensor 1 group 10 this is where you want to change the group number we recommend using number 0 as it's easy to remember but there are some other ones that you can use what you'll see in the Simon XT or the Simon talking touch keypad installation manual so we're on zero okay and then for the name if I press the down arrow I have touchpad that works for me I'm gonna click okay and then okay got to confirm as you can see now the keypad is going to go through its learning process it's going to say enroll status receiving data please wait it's going to give you a percentage of how far along the learn process that's it now if you are using z-wave devices or even if you have the extra time címon or inter logics rather they do recommend that you leave the keypad near the system for up to five minutes while this completes it's going to say it's done beforehand but especially with systems that are using z-wave devices that programming can take some time to push over to your keypad and they said that to ensure that the keypad learns into the system properly leaving it by the system for five minutes just like this while this takes place can help guarantee that it's going to get into programming in the way that you want it to so now that we have it set in programming it's back on the learn mode asking us for another sensor we're gonna hit status to back out all the way to the main menu so it shows that we're disarmed and then the keypad has learned in I'm gonna back out to the main menu on the keypad and now if I hit armed we should arm the system so I'm gonna press two armed and I'm going to say armed all and as you can see the system is showing doors and windows and motions are being armed we have our lights illuminated and we're going into our countdown so we do know that the keypad is working I'm gonna go ahead and disarm the system one two three four is our default code there you go we're disarmed so that's how to program and enter logic stalking touchscreen keypad your Simon XT system if you do have any questions about the keypad the system or security questions in general feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight you can also head over to our website alarmgrid comm or send us an email to support at alarm grid comm did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated when we post future videos hit the notification button below have a great day and happy Halloween