Addressing a Honeywell Alarm Keypad

Addressing a Honeywell Alarm Keypad

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Description It isn't mentioned, because it technically doesn't have anything to do with the keypad address on the Tuxedo, but when Joe shows ...


hi DRS Joe from a long road and today we're going to show you how to address a keypad for a Vista panel now today we have a 21ip and this process is going to work for a 15 P 20 P or 21ip so we have a couple different keypads that we do have connected today we're going to show you how to do this on a 61 60 RF and on a tuxedo touch now if you do have a 61 60 the process is exactly the same as a 61 60 RF it's just a little bit easier as it doesn't have all the extra menus for the RF settings on this keypad so to begin the system can support up to 8 regular keypads or it can support the Ford touchscreen keypads on the 21ip the regular keypads the keypad address starts at number 16 and that goes up from there if you do have a brand new system and you have a brand new keypad that's never been address before the keypad you'll be able to actually address it with the system already powered up you just have to press and hold one and three on the keypad and then enter the address that you want we've addressed this keypad already but if it was fresh and brand new all that I have to do is press and hold one and three and as you can see it says con address this is the keypad address and it's set to 16 which is the first keypad address on the system but as you can see and I enter numbers it won't change anything because it's already been addressed if you're in this situation you do want to redress the keypad what you actually have to do is reset the system and then press 1 and 3 within 50 seconds of the system powering up so let's give that a shot so I'm going to undo one leg of our backup battery and then I'm going to unplug our main power system is turned off so I'm going to plug it back in power it up we're getting the boot process showing on our keypad so now that we're powered up I'm going to do one in Curie there's our keypad address I'm gonna do zero zero to clear it out and then one six for what I want I'm gonna click star to confirm as this is a sixty one sixty RF we have the different RF options we want the receiver on receiver address we want this to be zero zero for this particular panel star to confirm that high security we're gonna leave off disable high security devices we don't have to do anything with this and that's it after you start through those menus the keypads going to go back to the main screen ready to arm and now we do have this keypad set to the address that we want now let's move over to the tuxedo touch the tuxedo touch as it's a touchscreen keypad uses a different address set than one of the touch button keypads it actually uses one of the a UI addresses on the system there's four of those addresses and if you do have Total Connect on your system it's going to occupy one of them so if you do have your system activated and you're using Total Connect 2.0 you're only going to be able to use three touchscreen keypads another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a 15 P that only has two aui addresses so you'll be able to use two touchscreen keypads and if you have that on Total Connect 2.0 you'll only be able to use one this is important because if you're planning your system out and you're planning to have X number of touchscreen keypads you're going to have to decide whether you want four without Total Connect or three with Total Connect so let's head over to our tuxedo touch as you can see it's ready to arm so the first thing we're going to have to do we've already done this keep in mind but we will have to enable the a UI address that the tuxedo touch is going to use there's one two five and six so to do this on the tuxedo touch let's say we didn't have any other keypads available we'll have to jump into the console mode on the touch go in to install our programming and set this up so to do this we're going to go to security we're going to go to more choices we're gonna go to console mode now I'm going to enter the code four one one two and then eight zero zero as you can see it shows installer code 20 and now we're in to install our programming so I'm going to click star and then I'm going to enter one eight nine now we're in the a UI address setting so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to turn all four a UI dresses on to be enabled for partition one if you do have this activated with an alarm company one of these addresses if you're using Total Connect 2.0 it will have to be set to five you ask your alarm company why that is they're going to tell you that that is because with Total Connect if you do arm away you don't want auto arm State to work with the system when you use that feature but we're not worried about total Kinect 2.0 today so I'm just going to set them all to one so I'm going to enter one one one one so now we've enabled all of our a UI addresses to be active on partition one I'm going to do star nine not that backs out of programming and if you do do this on the tuxedo touch it will reset after you complete this so now that we have the tuxedo touch powered back up we're going to have to set the tuxedo touch to one of the aui addresses as we enabled all one two five and six we'll have to set this to one of those to get to that menu we're going to click on the tools icon we're going to click on system and we're going to click on CS setup now you're going to enter the installer code for the system as it's connected to it so for one one two and then do ECP address right here is where you set that so as long as we have this on one to five or six with our current panel setup the tuxedo touch will work if you do have total Kinect 2.0 connected to the system whatever address your total Kinect 2.0 is set to you will have to have the tuxedo touch on a different a UI address let's say PC 2.0 is on address to the talks would have to use one five or six but again if you do get Total Connect 2.0 on your Vista system you will be interacting with your alarm company in some fashion so just communicate with them with what's going on if you are setting up a tuxedo touch on your own and they'll definitely help you out so I'll set the tuxedo touch to number one I'll click apply and it's going to reset as we've enabled those aoi addresses though it will work with the system that's how you set up a regular push-button keypad or a tuxedo touch or touch screen keypad on your vista 21ip do you have any questions though about addressing a keypad to your panel keypads in general or the tuxedo touch feel free to give us a call at eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight send us an e-mail to support at alarm grid comm or jump on our website at did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be notified when we post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so have a great day and thanks for watching