Can I convert my wired Honeywell system to be wireless?

Can I convert my wired Honeywell system to be wireless?

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hi Jo iris joy from alarm loretto and today we're going to talk about converting wired to wireless devices on your Vista security system now we have our 21ip setup right here and as you can see there's terminals on the bottom of the board the system itself can support up to 8 hardwired zones you can add an additional hard-wired zones with 42:19 zone expanders those connect to the ECP bus on the board which is this right here that's where the keypads also connect and that lets you add in additional hard-wired zones now you can also add in wireless zones to the Vista system using Honeywell 5800 wireless devices you'll need to add in a receiver or a transceiver to do that which we're going to get to in a moment and there's also ways to convert wired devices to wireless and then back to the system itself there's a bunch of different instances where this is useful or you may find that you need to use it one if you're doing a new install and let's say you have the system installed on one side of the house and then you have a whole bunch of wired devices on the other side of the house but it's going to be a real pain to get the wire all the way from the sensors back to the system you could install a wired to wireless converter connect all the devices to that and then transmit the signal back to the system and they'll work as wireless devices from then on to do that you need a couple different devices the first thing to know is that the Vista system itself can't connect to any wireless devices out of the box there's no radios built onto the board for wireless communication you have to add something on additionally to get the wireless communication on the system and we recommend adding in the 6160 RF keypad this keypad is a full alphanumeric keypad it works just like a 61 60 regular keypad except that it has a high gain transceiver built right into the unit what this means is that this is going to be able to support as many wireless zones as you can program into the system and it's also going to support to a communal devices a good example of this would be the 5828 keypad as that keypad has to receive information from the system to display the system status and other information and also send information to the system when you punch in commands on it now with a device like this installed on the Vista system you're able to interface with wireless devices once you have that set up you can start converting wire devices to wireless devices the most popular device to do this is the 5800 c2w we have this mounted right here the 5800 c2w is powered by a 12 volt power supply you can install it anywhere in the home as long as it has its transformer and you'll want to install a backup battery for it too it can actually use the same backup battery as the Vista a 12 volt 4.5 amp power like we have here or really any 12-volt backup battery is going to work for the device now this thing in the example that I used before with those sensors all the way on the side of the house you can install the 5800 c2w connect the sensors to that and then each sensor that's connected to the 5800 c2w is going to be seen in the system as its own Wireless so it's a great device to use this is actually used and a lot of takeovers where a end user moves into a new house they have a whole bunch of different devices in the home and they want to convert them to wireless to use with a new Vista system in a different location or with a new system all together it's a great device to use and it's compatible with actually many different systems another example that you can use to convert wire to wireless is with certain sensors right here I have a 5816 sensor this is a magnetic reed switched contact you can put it on your front door window or wherever else with a magnet on one side when the magnet moves away from it the system will see it as falsehood but another benefit to the sensor is that inside of the sensor there's hardwired terminals where you can connect a hardwired sensor you can connect the sensor right to the contact and or you can connect the contact right to the sensor rather and then this will program back into the system and just like the 5800 c2w this will convert that wired sensor to a wireless one this only has one hardwired contact on this device though so if you do have a bunch of zones that you need to convert you'll probably be better off with something larger such as the 5800 c2w that's basically how to convert your hardwired zones to Ellison's on the Vista system if you did have any questions about this feel free to send us an email at support at head over to a website WWll give us a call at eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two it you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be notified about future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so we hope you enjoyed the video and have a great day