Capabilities of the Lyric SiXSiren Video

Capabilities of the Lyric SiXSiren Video

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Honeywell SIXSIREN - Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
Honeywell SIXSIREN
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hide the wires Joey from a long grid and today we're going to talk about the capabilities of the six siren now we have a six iron mounted right here and we're going to connect it to our lyric controller and then we're going to set it off and we're going to show you all the different things that it can do now the six siren is the only wireless siren that's currently compatible with the lyric system it's part of the six device line so it does have bi-directional communication the firmware can be upgraded on the siren itself you'll be able to see it in system programming under zones as it's going to occupy one's own slot and it has a 300-foot communication range from the lyric system some of the cool things about the six siren is that as you can see on the front of the unit it's got this large LED that will actually show you the status of the system with different flashes and colors and the siren can also be set up as a chime chime option that means that when the front door opens you can have the siren chime to let you know that somebody's entered the house or that a window is open or closed or whatever you have set to chime that's cool because most wireless sirens don't also act as chime chime speakers and it's a really easy way to put something up let's say in your second-floor bedroom to know if a door window does open on the system so the first thing that we're going to do is we're actually going to program it into the lyric system before I started recording the video I programmed in a DW 10 sensor to our lyric and we're going to use this to show you the the siren feature on the unit and the chime stuff that happens with it so on our system we're going to go into zone programming and click on security tools enter 4 1 1 to program and then zones as it's going to learn then like any other wireless sensor all that we'd have to do is hit add new this is gonna go to zone number 4 is it's the first open wireless zone slot I use zone number 3 to program in the DW 10 when we have this loaded up click on serial number and then with the serial number field loaded it's listening for a serial we're going to activate the tamper by taking the unit off of its base and then putting it back on you're going to see this light start flashing and this is saying that it's reaching out trying to communicate with the lyric system as you can see the lyric did just get that serial number we're going to activate the tamper on this one more time and we just got two beeps on our lyric that tells us that it's successfully enrolled now we're able to name the siren so as you can see that device type does say wireless siren for the zone description one I'm going to clear this out and enter test as you can see on the bottom the alarm report that actually has to do with the tamper on the siren if you have this set to yes and if the system is armed and the siren gets taken off of its bottom plate it's going to set the system off into alarm and I'll actually send that up to your Central Station if you have Central Station monitoring on your lyric system if we press the down arrow this is where you can set up the chime area as you can see it's a basic option it just toggles on or off and it's pretty much the the setup for the siren there's not too much to it in programming the other option that you have is having it supervised and then you can have the supervision time set right over here which is kind of a cool feature for the siren as you can see that there is a supervision menu and when you press the down arrow we have some supervision options but we can't change it the six siren does have wireless supervision except that it's built into the six siren every 60 seconds the six iron is going to send a signal to the lyric system to let it let it know that it's still communicating and the lyric system has a two hundred second window to accept that signal if it doesn't receive a signal from the six iron within that two hundred seconds it's gonna throw up a RF supervision trouble and it's gonna let you know that there's an issue with the communication between the system and the six siren just know that if you go into this menu in zone programming you can't adjust any of the supervision modes for the the six siren as it's dirt in to the device now that we have our six siren and programming you can see that it's going to show up in our zone list and we have our battery icon right here and we have our signal strength icon right here to some of the benefits that you get from having a six device program to the system now over here you can see that I've programmed in the the DW ten as a front door I'm going to go in there and I'm going to edit it and I'm actually going to change it to a perimeter zone instead of an entry exit so that we don't have to sit through that timer countdown when we're arming the system so now we're going to save it we're all set here we're going to back out to the main menu and I'm just going to go into the settings menu and I'm going to turn the volume up and turn on the to chime buttons that are on the lyric system you don't have to have Boyce try them on to work you only need to have the chime button enabled but without that being enabled the system isn't going to chime so I'll just turn everything on for all intensive purposes we'll save it alright so now when I move the magnet away from the sensor that I have right here we should get a chime on the system and we shouldn't get a chime on the six siren and there you go so the chime it's not super loud you can't configure the different tones that you have on the siren but it will give you that audible notification that a door window or something on your system has opened so just to see it one more time let me close the sensor so you're ready to arm there's a system and there's a six siren so now let's set this off and we'll see what's see what the LED lights do if you want load up the six siren manual that we have posted on our website and if you scroll down you're gonna see that there's a legend on it that explains the different light sequences and what they all do in fact I'm gonna run through that right now so if you want to take a moment just pull that up and follow along and we'll learn about the different options that are on that particular menu as you can see on the top it says six siren LEDs and Sounders it has a big menu that shows all the different things that can happen and what this means if you look on the top left that RW on the left hand side that means red and white flashes and if we go down you'll see it says Oh read on for 20 seconds that means the system is armed so when we armed the system we should see the red LED on the six siren illuminate and stay on now when it's flashing red and white that can indicate a smoker a heat alarm or a CL alarm you'll see that the tones over on the site on the sounder column they're different as the smoke alarm is going to sound different than the co alarm if we get a white strobe flashing that tells us that there's going to be that there is an active burglary alarm and when the red flashes once every 45 seconds that indicates a low battery now on the other menu the GW that stands for green and white and on the top you can see it says the green rapid flash is on for about 20 seconds then on for 3 seconds the center is going to chirp once and this is during the power up an enrollment stage now if you remember when we did enroll it after that first indication that the serial number 1 in it did chirp at us which is telling us that that's normal operation now if we keep going down it'll say green slow flashing for 3 seconds it chirps once this is powering up and the device enrolled so we saw that also it also has the green on for 20 seconds that'll tell you that the system is disarmed and if we keep going down the white strobe flashing is the same as the one that's in the RW column the only other part of this column is the green flashing slowly for 10 minutes that'll just tell you that the tamper is active on the on the 6 siren so let's put the system into alarm and let's see what it does so we're gonna go to security we'll do arm away I'll enter the code 1 2 3 4 which is the default and now we're in our countdown phase as you can see the six siren does have the red LED on the unit that's telling us that the that were arming the system away now I may have auto stay arming on the system so this might switch into stay mode but it won't make a difference as far as the six siren goes so we got 30 more seconds before the system is fully fully set I have this set to a perimeter though so we can set off the siren now and to protect my ears I'm gonna put on these super heavy-duty your protection headphones right here and I hope I'm safe when I do this so we put this on where I move the magnet away and as you can see we're getting the white LED on the siren and as you can see the siren did do exactly as or did do the things that we expected it to do so it's a great unit it does multiple different things the chime option on it is one of the more popular features of your six siren but as you can see that LED is going to tell you what the system is doing at a glance super convenient if you have this in a bedroom a hallway a garage anywhere that you need a siren and also the other features it's a great unit to pick up thanks for watching that was the capabilities of the six siren if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to to send you a notification about future videos hit the notification button and we'll do so not only post them any questions about your lyric stick siren or any other security equipment head over to alarmgrid comm or send us an email to support at alarm grid comm you can also jump on chat with any questions we hope to hear from you soon and have a great day