Celebrating 1 Million AlarmNet Subscribers

AlarmNet has reached its millionth subscriber. Honeywell made a video in celebration of that incredible achievement.

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AlarmNet has reached its millionth subscriber. Honeywell made a video in celebration of that incredible achievement.


Scott: This gathering is all about one thing today and that's to celebrate a significant accomplishment with AlarmNet and that is our one millionth account added to the system, so significant accomplishment. So thank you very much, we're all very excited about it. Thank you all for everything you have done.

S2: This is an exciting moment for all of us. I feel so personally attached to AlarmNet, and going back, as Scott said to the early days and I was selling some of those A-radios, which I guess are represented here on the table, which now that could fit in our pockets.

And what we're doing now globally is really terrific, because AlarmNet and Total Connect are now being deployed in Europe and in Asia, so congratulations to all of you for today's milestone and for 25 almost 30 years of accomplishments.

So I'd like to bring each of our guests up and we have a commemorate plaque for each of them. The first one is Steven Winnigan. Steve, we would like to congratulate you on your perseverance and ingenuity in designing the network, back in days.

Steve: I'll say hi, because it is always nice to see familiar faces after a lot of years. Thank you for the recognition and without pointing at everybody, hello and good to see you all after many years.

S2: Thank you, Steve. And Leo if you could join us up onstage, and accept this award for founding AlarmNet and your vision all those years ago.

Leo: Thank you to everybody who's here, and who's involved and it's wonderful.

S2: Roger, could you join me up onstage. Thank you for your support of our business over all these years, and for making it possible for us to take AlarmNet from what Leo described as an alarm signaling transport, to really a global opportunity for every single business, in every single home around the world to be connected.

Roger: I'm extremely proud of it and I want to thank everybody here for a great contribution, not just for AlarmNet, but for all the good things you've done with the business, so thank you.