Changing the Master Code on a LYNX Touch System

Changing the Master Code on a LYNX Touch System

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Changing the Master Code on a LYNX Touch System


hey our wires don't here with alarmgrid today we're going over how to change the master code on the Lynx touch panels so today we have a 5200 a 52 10 and in l7000 with us we do not have a 50 100 panel however the process is almost exactly the same as all these as you can see for all of them when we go through them it's almost like mirror images so we'll start on the 58 the 5000 so for that one we are currently in security we're gonna go two more we're gonna go to tools now a lot of people when they go into tools for the first time when they're reading the instructions man the instruction manual they only use the installer code for one one two to change the master code which is default one two three four we're gonna enter that code in so tools one two three four and then the first option we see on there is users so we're gonna press on users and then right here we see master we're gonna press on master and then edit we're gonna press on the user code and then this is where we're gonna enter our new master code so the default is still one two three four that's in there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna clear that out clear and then I'm gonna enter in my code that I want to use in this case I don't have a code I want to use so I'm just gonna do one two three four again done and then my code is saved master slot number two which is the master save it and then there you go your master code has been changed best way to tell is to go all the way back to the home screen and then try to go back into tools with that code so you're able to go in shows your master code works as long as it shows your users that's the first option there and then as you see it's exactly the same process for the 5210 so security more tools oops one two three four and then as you can see I'll bring it up on here too and also do it on links exactly the same screen for each one so the process is exactly the same you'll go into users on their on their on their press on master press edit press on code enter the code you want save it and then back out and test it so exactly the same process as I mentioned for the 5100 it's exactly the same as well the only difference on the 5100 is that has four buttons opposed to two down there but the screen the UI is exactly the same the master code is your main arm and disarm code so a lot of people use their installer code to arm and disarm we do not recommend that we recommend you only use the master code reason being is that if someone knows the default installer code if you're arming this with your master code if they come they cannot disarm it with the installer code they would only be able to disarm it with your current master code and of course they wouldn't know that unless you know they have some way in that info with the master code can also be used too as you can see go into programming you can edit users so if you want to add more users at a duress code a guess code anything like that that's where using the master code for you can set date and time you can do tests keypad pairing so on and so forth and that's essentially yeah I mean the master code is pretty self-explanatory your main arm and disarm code that's also going to be linked to your Total Connect account if you have that so if you're on Total Connect and you see you have a user sync error that's more than likely meeting the master code on the panel it's not matching the one that you have on the application so you're just going there put the right master code save it and then do a panel sync and the user sync and I'll put the info into there not really much else to say about the master code if you did want to know more about changing master codes on other types of systems we do have those epic using videos on our website WWL radio please like and subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when we release more content thank you very much and have your day